8-18-22 Thursday

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Mike, post-bottle. And he’s…


The Mama Pie (my favorite!) is looking a little sassy today.

Now it’s 6-kitten pie!

Gus was sleeping, but the instant I took his picture, his eyes flew open. I don’t think his brain was engaged, though.

Francesca atop a pile of her brothers.

This girl was born to pose.

Lalo’s a handful and a half.

Nacho, Gus and Saul check out the view.


The fabulous Khal Drogo is celebrating Thlurrrpsday appropriately.


Posted on social media (Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/Tumblr) yesterday.

Francesca, Gus, Lalo, Nacho and Saul are 3 weeks old today! (Mike is 17 days old; for newer readers: Mike is not genetically related to the other kittens, he was found left behind in a hay bale, and since he was just a few days younger than the others, he came to us. They – and most importantly Mama Kim – accepted him immediately.)

TJ (formerly Fergus) and his brother Kevin were very pleased to hear that TJ’s littermate Roger was adopted over the weekend! Aren’t TJ and Kevin a gorgeous pair?

YouTube link
Mama Kim Wexler is really good at starting a story, but has a little to learn about telling the WHOLE story. She’s easily distracted/bored.

In honor of being 3 weeks old, Francesca gifted herself a shiny set of toofers. The better to chomp her brothers with!

YouTube link
Mike’s supplement feeding follows a very strict protocol:

1. I tell him to come get his bottle, and he toddles to the mouth of the crate.
2. He eats (sometimes a lot, sometimes just a little.)
3. He gets burped (not shown, because I need both hands to hold him and pat him on the back.)
4. He falls into a milk coma and I am required to rub his belly while he snoozes.

Lalo is the quintessential Cup of Happy.⁠

(His eye is fine; he had just woken up and was still trying to figure out what was going on.)

Good night innernets. (Ignacio/Nacho)


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