8-18-20 Tuesday

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PLEASE NOTE: we are currently taking applications for the Mewsketeers!

We have an ADOPTION PENDING on Constance and Rochefort (together) and also an ADOPTION PENDING on Winter (joining a home with another young cat), so they are (obviously) not available.

This leaves Aramis, Athos, d’Artagnan, Planchet, and Porthos available for adoption. Forgotten Felines of Huntsville has a KITTEN POLICY – kittens must EITHER be adopted in pairs OR be joining a home with at least one young cat for them to play and be friends with. If you are interested in any of the Mewsketeers, please EMAIL info (at) ffhsv.org to inquire.

Aramis, Planchet and Winter are going to be spayed/neutered next week. The rest of the kittens are still a bit too small (we prefer them to be closer to 3 pounds before they’re spayed/neutered), so will probably have their surgeries in early to mid September (that date hasn’t been set yet.)

Once again, EMAIL Forgotten Felines of Huntsville at info (at) ffhsv.org to inquire.


Meeting Uncle Archie.

Archie’s like “You know, all I want is your food. I don’t want to do anything to you guys. JUST GIMME THE FOOD.”

Floof suits on display – Rochefort near Archie and d’Artagnan at a distance.

Winter was not too terribly concerned.

Rochefort was like “This is a stranger and I DON’T LIKE IT.”

Porthos thought it prudent to watch from a distance.

Constance was NOT having this stranger nonsense.

“He comes in MY room, he eats MY food? I don’t THINK so!”

Winter just sat and watched.

Athos ventured up for a quick sniff.

Constance kept an eye on things.

D’Artagnan’s ears are killing me.

Aramis pretty much just wanted to be friends. Everyone else watched from a distance.

Constance: tiny but mighty.

The kittens have now met Uncle Archie several times. Each time they floof, though the more often they see him, the less time they wear their floof suits. It helps that Archie isn’t interested in the kittens. All he wants is their food, and after he eats some kitten food he might hang out for a few minutes, but 8 kittens is a lot, so he doesn’t want to stay for long.

(You’ll note that Planchet isn’t visible in many of these pictures. That’s because he’s the silent observer of the group. He sits back and watches before he does anything, and he found it prudent to not go approaching Uncle Archie just yet.)


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8-18-20 Tuesday — 4 Comments

  1. Clearly Uncle Archie is taunting them by just lying there in the middle of the floor, heh.

  2. Nothing more threatening than a tiny kitten in a floof suit.

    Also, I love that Porthos has a cat on his back.

  3. They are all just so cute. Winter would be the perfect one for my household. Sigh…if only…