8-18-05 – Rambo & Jodie.

Rambo, who is the piggiest of pigs, likes to hang out in the kitchen while you’re in there, and if you open the refrigerator, he runs over to check it out, even though he can’t get up to where the food is. Obviously he’s figured out that food is kept in there, though. Yesterday I was making dinner, and I grabbed something out of the refrigerator and pushed the door so it would close, and there was a screamy-screechy sound, and Rambo ran out of the kitchen to hide in the computer room, shaking his poor head. I guess I almost smushed his little head in the refrigerator. Poor baby; I picked him up and checked him over, and he seems to be fine.

And he hasn’t been back near the refrigerator since. A quick learner, that one.

Yesterday afternoon Rambo and Jodie were snuggled up on the cat bed on my desk, and she sat up and stretched, and then there was this ::fwoomp!::, and she was gone. Rambo sat up and looked a little startled, and it took a few seconds for me to understand what had happened – Jodie’d fallen backwards off the desk and ended up in the three-inch space between my desk and the wall. She got out of there pretty quickly on her own, and when she came around to the front of the desk, she was covered in cobwebs and dust bunnies. I dusted her off and put her back on the cat bed, and she and Rambo were sound asleep again in about ten seconds.

Poor kittens. At least they seem none the worse for wear!

The best way to get a yawning kitten pic is to hang out near where they’re sleeping and wait for them to wake up. Seems obvious, doesn’t it?

I absolutely love this picture.

Smacking the cord to the blinds so it swings back and forth.

Some day I expect to walk into a room and see both the kittens piled up on Mister Boogers.

Gooooooootta dance!

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