Forgotten Felines of Huntsville is a no-kill cat rescue located in Huntsville, Alabama. I am currently fostering for them. Challenger’s House is a no-kill cat shelter located in North Alabama (near Huntsville.) I fostered for them from 2005-2017.

I foster cats on a pretty continual basis; this blog is devoted to the cats we foster. I take a lot of pictures of them. A LOT.

I am Robyn Anderson, a woman in her 50s (date of birth: January 1968; you do the math, because chances are good I’m not going to come back and edit this every year). From 2006 to November 2017, I lived on 4 1/2 acres in an old house known as Crooked Acres,┬áin a small town in Alabama with my husband, Fred and our varying number of permanent residents. At the end of November 2017, we moved from Crooked Acres to much less land in Southeast Huntsville, in a house we called Shady Cove. You can read the exhaustive (and boring) posts about the house selling and buying adventures of 2017 starting here. In July 2021, we moved back to the country, to a house we’re calling Crooked Acre (no “s”), a home on 1 acre located about 10 minutes from the original Crooked Acres.

Fred is a software engineer during the day; at night he writes books. See (and buy) his books over at Amazon, or see his personal author site. He writes good books, and I am not biased.*

*Yes I am. But he still writes good books.

All cats love Fred, with very little effort on his part. NOT FAIR.

I have a daughter in her 30s, whose nom de net was “the Spud” for years, but her real name is Danielle. She’s my daughter from my first marriage, which ended in 1996 after 8 years of marriage. In 2007, after she graduated from high school, she moved to Rhode Island to live with her father. She currently lives in Massachusetts with boyfriend and their pit bull Koshinto.

We have a varying number of permanent resident cats (every time I share the number of cats we have, the number changes). When we were at Crooked Acres, we also had some pigs, turkeys, and a large and ever-fluctuating number of chickens.

Foster kitties who come to stay with us generally stay in our foster kitten room, (that’s the foster room at Crooked Acres – some day I’ll share a picture of our current foster room, though you’ll be able to see it in the pictures I’m sharing). If they’re here for the long-term and we’re sure they’re healthy, we let them out to roam the house at will during the day and put them in the foster kitten room at night. If they’re here for a super long time, we eventually stop putting them in the foster kitten and let them have 24-hour access to the rest of the house.

I can be reached at mizrobyn (at) gmail (dot) com

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If you’re interested in adopting one of our foster cats, please contact Forgotten Felines of Huntsville at info (at) ffhsv.org to discuss their adoption policies.

When I’m not wrangling cats or kittens or cleaning house, I am the lazy sort who enjoys reading, taking pictures, gardening, and watching TV. It’s all party-party-party up in this house.