Clickable Map of where Love & Hisses fosters have gone!

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*This map only includes fosters who were adopted 1 hour or more from Huntsville. (I didn’t map all the Huntsville area adoptions, because that’s 375+ fosters who were adopted in this area, and just this map took me forever to get done.)

*I included the name of the town/city if I knew it; otherwise I think the state is fine (if you’re one of the adopters and you want your town/city included, let me know!) These are where the fosters went once they left me – it’s entirely possible their family has moved since they were adopted, but this map is for where they went when they left me, not necessarily where they are now.

***I did this mostly from memory – if I’ve forgotten any long-distance adoptions PLEASE let me know!***

– Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
– North Carolina
– Georgia
– Portland, Oregon
– Birmingham, Alabama
– Birmingham, Alabama
– Indianapolis, Indiana
– St. Louis, Missouri
– Atlanta, Georgia
– Birmingham, Alabama
– Chicago, Illinois
– Charleston, South Carolina
– Indianapolis, Indiana
– Madison, Wisconsin
– Salem, Oregon
– Chattanooga, Tennessee
– Raleigh, North Carolina
– Michigan
– Columbia, Tennessee
– Mississippi
– Lexington, Kentucky
– Nashville, Tennessee
– Vicksburg, Michigan
– Tennessee
– Rochester, New York
– Maryland
– Birmingham, Alabama
– Lynchburg, Tennessee
– Richmond, Texas
– Birmingham, Alabama
– Nashville, Tennessee
– Louisville, Kentucky
– Canton, Georgia
– Richmond, Texas
– Charlotte, North Carolina
– Hanceville, Alabama
– Newnan, Georgia
– Seattle, Washington
– Charleston, West Virginia
– Phoenix, Arizona
– Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
– Sacramento, California
– Atlanta, Georgia
– Mobile, Alabama
– Louisville, Kentucky


Clickable Map of where Love & Hisses fosters have gone! — 4 Comments

  1. Hey, add me to Maine. Parsonsfield to be exact….with Phoenix, Stardust and Amber(cup)! That way Maine isn’t looking like the exception. Deb Miller

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