About The Classic Rockers

Date of birth (est’d): 9/11/14

Jethro, Molly, and TC (who were named after classic rock bands of the ’70s) came to us on November 19, 2014. They were born to a mother cat who lived near an apartment complex. When the mama cat started bringing her kittens to the patio of one of the apartment residences, the occupant – Byron – gave Challenger’s House a call. Byron was able to get hold of TC, but couldn’t get near the other kittens or the mama cat. After some hard work by Winnie – trapper extraordinaire – Molly and Jethro were finally trapped, a week later.

They came here the day that Molly and Jethro were trapped, and though at first Molly and Jethro didn’t seem to remember TC, after a few days passed they all became the best of friends again.

Though they were super skittish at first, TC and Jethro came around, and now are willing to be held and petted, and in fact will start purring as soon as you pet them. Molly’s proving to be a little more difficult, but is slowly coming around. It helps that she’s a big fan of chicken baby food!

Two weeks later, on December 3rd, Lizzy (named, kinda, after the band Thin Lizzy) came to us. She was hard to catch, but Winnie and Kathie, trappers extraordinaire, were finally able to get her, with the help of a wonderful resident of the apartment complex. It took the other three a while to warm up to her – they’re still warming, really, two weeks later – but they’ll play together, and eat side by side. Lizzy is turning out to be a bit of a lovebug, like her brothers, and she likes to tease Molly and make her hiss.

Jethro and TC were adopted together and traveled to Oregon on December 28th, to live with Bonnie and Marc and their 7 tuxedo brothers and sisters.

Lita and Stevie were adopted on January 20th (to separate homes.)

You can read about the Classic Rockers beginning here (there are links at the top and bottom of each entry; click on the one on the right to take you to the next one). You can see all the pictures taken of them during their stay with us here at Flickr.

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