Best of Love & Hisses Posts

In chronological order. If your favorite post isn’t on this list, let me know and I’ll add it!

Spiderman takes on Malevolent Madeleine. (October 2006)

Maddy on the printer. (October 2006)

Myrtle the Hellbeast will not be contained. (February 2007)

“WHO READY FOR THE SNACKIN’?” (Wherein Fred terrifies the permanent residents by accident) (May 2007)

Fred and Robyn go car shopping. (July 2007)

When Stinkerbelle (then Maryanne) met Tommy. (July 2007)

Where muh Daddy? Starring Fricasee “Frick” And3rson (December 2007)

Stinkerbelle seethes. (December 2007)

And Mister Boogers lives to het again. (April 2008)

Kara’s Gotcha Day. (October 2008)

Let us talk about little Bessie. (April 2009)

Jake and Elwood, explained. (Written by Fred in August 2009)

Hydrox learns that at Crooked Acres, chickens fall from the sky. (December 2009)

The ACME Portable FURnace. (December 2009)

Maura the faker. (April 2010)

Maura’s side of the story. (April 7, 2010)

An Important Message from Rhyme. (June 2010)

My Week in Cats (Rufus, Maggie, and Jake the Loon.) March 2011.

Elwood in the puddle (bless his heart). (March 2011)

Look what the tornadoes blew in (Dorothy). (May 2011)

Dorothy/Alice comparison, Macushla gots a tongue, and Fred learns to appreciate the beauty that is Corbie. (May 2011)

Clove haz a complaint or seven. (June 2011)

Scoop Hands! (July 2011)

LOONYFACE. (August 2011)

Derpy Der. (The kittens mock humans) (September 2011)

Catpranos. (Posted October 2011; originally written July 2008)

The origins of kitten love. (January 2012)

The cats and Da Bird. (February 2012)

Jake & Elwood: Brudderly Love. (March 2012)

“I HAZ A COMPLAINT” (Emmy and her babies). (March 2012.)

Skittenish Noms, Darwin climbs into the track toy (!) and Corbie Cheetah. (April 2012)

Stinkerbelle in motion. (April 2012)

The Downfall of Senator Stanley J. Boogerton. (Posted May 2012; originally written in November 2005.)

Free HateCat with each case of water. (Posted May 2012; originally written in February 2007.)

The Frog. (Posted May 2012; originally written in July 2002.)

The Noms & Jake; the ‘Taters. (June 2012)

BABY STOMPERS NOT SKEERED OF YOU & awesome Mama Brandywine. (June 2012)

Inspector Stompers. (June 2012)

“Hallo, yes, security?” Kennebec on the “phone.” (June 2012)

What Happened, by Caspian. (July 2012)

Guest Post, by Stompers. (July 2012)

Dandelion and Polly; girl bonding. (October 2012)

Joe Pickle and the headless squirrel. (October 2012)

2012 in review. (January 1, 2013)

Lilybet the faker. (February 2013)

No babies for you! (says Kate). (March 2013)

Khaleesi’s birth story (and the introduction of Norbie.) (May 2013)

Kitten-sitting. (August 2013)

The Floofening. (August 2013)

Tommy had had JUST ABOUT ENOUGH. (August 2013)

Dennis said “Hmph.” (March 2014.)

Dennis is adopted. (June 2014)

Nanny Dennis takes his job seriously. (June 2014)

“I am so in love with the pictures in today’s post that I swear I’d marry them if I could,” said Robyn. (October 2014)

The Grocers meet their floofily fabulous new partner. (October 2014)

Halloween 2014. (October 2014)

Orlando and his new big brudder Hobo. (March 2015)

Baskets full o’ Fools. (June 2015)

Thlurrrpsday. (July 2015)

A Day in the Life. (August 2015)

When the SwimBugs (very, very briefly) met Uncle Dennis. (September 2015)

Halloween 2015. (October 2015)

The permanent residents of 2015. (November 2015)

December 23, 2015.

2015 in review. (January 1, 2016)

The Fakers – three weeks old! (March 2016)

The story of Hemlock. (July 2016)

Hanging out with Uncle Stefan (November 2016)

Flat Holly. (Written in 2009, reposted in December 2016)

Happy Boxing Day! (December 2016)

Myrtle Beach sunrises. (January 2017)

Wherein SOME kitties are tired of my nonsense. (March 2017)

Roux and Praline go on a field trip (and Roux meets Stefan!) (May 2017)

Playing with their food. (July 2017)

Kittens get wild. (July 2017)

Weekly Roundup, September 17th. (September 2017)

Telstar (da BAYbee!) is TRAPPED! (October 2017)


Best of Love & Hisses Posts — 12 Comments

  1. Um, where’s the downfall of Senator Stanley J Boogerton? and the one informing kittens how to bunnykick the running poopies all over the place to make the human swear? And the patented FURnace?

  2. Yes!!! The chicken falling from the sky is my all-time favorite post!!!

    And you need to add Inspector Stompers first inspection. I know the original was on DCEP, but I think you put it almost word for word on L&H, too.

    And of course the tornado blowing Dorothy in… That post has not only the drama of all you went through and saw afterwards, but then little Dorfy showing up? Beautiful!!

  3. “I am so in love with the pictures in today’s post that I swear I’d marry them if I could,” said Robyn.
    October 13, 2014

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