9-9-15 Wednesday

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I got word last night that this finally happened:

River, if you don’t remember, was here for a couple of weeks in July for a break from the cage at Petsmart. I was on vacation and Fred was okay with a single foster who didn’t need anything other than feeding, love, and attention (in other words, didn’t need any kind of medicating or litterbox supervision). She went back to Petsmart when I got home, and her people finally came along last night.

Yay, River!


When the SwimBugs (very very briefly) met Dennis.

Fred let Dennis in, and Dennis was pretty sure he wanted right back out, thank you. Most of the kittens didn’t even seem to notice him, but Pattypan certainly did.

They got a little too much in his space when he was trying to check out their food, so he smacked in their general direction (didn’t make contact, but it probably didn’t help that I gasped loudly when he did it).

“I don’t care if he IS beautiful! I don’t like him!”

Ambercup put on her floof suit, and then she wasn’t quite sure what to do with it.

“That big kitty makes me feel floofy.”

Dennis got up in the window bed and ignored them all whilst looking beautiful.

Altogether, he was probably in their room for about three minutes. I did get some video (which I’ll share toward the bottom of this post). He hasn’t asked to go into their room again; I imagine he’ll wait until they’re a bit older and maybe not so scary.

“I wasn’t REALLY skeered! I was just showing him my floof suit!”

“He smacked at me and I DON’T LIKE IT. It’s very rude to come into a babykitty’s own domicile and get all free with the Slappin’ Paw when we was just tryin’ to say hi. ::fume::”

“Alls I did was smile at him like this, see, and he was all SLAPPITY-SLAPPITY-SLAP. I was tryin’ to be friendly!”

“They got all floofy, and it was FUNNY.”


These kittens can go from sound asleep to motoring across the carrier screaming at the top of their lungs in an instant. I need to get a video, it’s kind of amazing.

Brown tabby, open your eyes. I want to see those gorgeous blues!

Black cutie with the plush, soft fur, open YOUR eyes. I want to say hi.


Video of the SwimBugs meeting Uncle Dennis.

YouTube link.


Stinkerbelle came down from on high for a brief time, then let Fred pet her exactly once before smacking at his hand and flouncing off. Gorgeous brat.


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9-9-15 Wednesday — 23 Comments

  1. Hooray for River and her new family — may they have decades of fun and love together!

    Uncle Dennis: what happened? And Robyn, that Godzilla picture is hilarious. Well caught, as is the one of exquisite Garbo-esque Stinkerbelle.

  2. So glad River’s family finally arrived. Now we need someone who can understand how unique and special Creed is and take them home.

    Oh Dennis, you’re so NOT scary.

  3. Skippy ran into the kitten room the other day and my three didn’t even notice.. they were too busy wishing I would go away and never come back.

  4. Hi, Robyn! I’m hoping you and/or fellow readers can help me? It may have been asked before, but here goes: I help with a set of feral cat feeding stations. During the summer, we wage war against the ants that want to take over the food bowls by using a moat system, which isn’t totally effective. Does anyone have any good ant deterrents? We don’t own the property so we can’t really bait it or even really monitor it on more than a cursory level. Thanks so much in advance!

    • Cinnamon. They HATE it. I don’t know why, but when I had some get into my house and find the cat food dishes, shaking some cinnamon around it sent them running away.

    • Food grade Diatomaceous Earth is awesome for keeping ants out of feral’s foods. On my deck, I put the food bowl in a pan with diatomaceous earth in it. It keeps the ants at bay.

    • I agree with Trudy, we use Diatomaceous Earth for ants and assorted bugs, and it works well. Just make sure it’s food grade, and sprinkle it around the food dishes. I have tried cinnamon but I think DE works better.

  5. Love the captions of the kittens’ responses to Dennis’ visit. Particularly “He smacked at me and I DON’T LIKE IT. It’s very rude to come into a babykitty’s own domicile and get all free with the Slappin’ Paw when we was just tryin’ to say hi. ::fume::” Is that Zuke? I don’t see a collar, so that’s what I’m assuming. And I love Phelps (?) “smile”. 😀

    • I think the first kitten is Torres? and what an OPINIONATED face that is, too, for a wee kitten!

    • That’s actually Torres fuming – she’s wearing her collar, you just can’t see it from that angle. That picture cracks me UP. And Phelps is the smiler. That picture cracks me up, too. These kittens crack me up a LOT, as you can probably guess. 🙂

    • I know! That ::FUME:: kitten has the perfect look on his face to match the words, lol.

      OK Uncle Dennis. We all want to see the babies sitting at your feet(s), listening intently at your stories about how you took on 4 squirrels all by yourself, in 3 ft of snow, with a lame foot AND your cell phone battery at 4%. So, be patient with them next time. Instead of floof suits, they’ll be playing at who gets to be Uncle Dennis and who gets to be a squirrel.

  6. (sorry, unrelated to cats, but i need good vibes,good prayers send my way, nedd to score an interview next week to get out of my current S***** job)

  7. “Alls I did was smile at him like this, see, and he was all SLAPPITY-SLAPPITY-SLAP. I was tryin’ to be friendly!” – THAT PICTURE CRACKS ME UP!