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She’s mellllltinnnnng!

I really think that Norbie had no idea Arya was in the box.

Even when she was all ::taptaptap:: “Um, hell-O. You’re SQUOOSHING me!”

I love how she’s smacking Stefan. That girl has NO fear.

Somehow, I sense that Stefan wasn’t all that interested in this particular fight.

He’s so puzzled by her. “What’s she… DOING?” and she’s all “You can’t see me!”

Brandon shows Arya who the boss is (and she’s so IRATE.)

“Talk to the PAW, mister.”

Morning nap time in the sun, in the kitchen. Jon Snow is OUT.

“Who, us? Discussing an overthrow of the current only-two-snacks-a-day administration? We’d never!”

I swear I’m going to have to tie that condo to the couch – they move it all OVER the place.

Working on her balance.

“::sigh:: Is it time to go home yet?!”

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Video! Every single morning, the first thing I do when I open the door to the foster room is give them a snack. I mean, I walk in with the plate IN MY HAND, and immediately put it down. So while you’d think that the kittens would all run over to the mat where I put the plate of snack so that they can get their faces full of food, you’d be wrong. Instead, they FLOOD out of the room and scatter, and then they have to turn around and run back into the room. (Hodor, you’ll note, is still sitting in the hall with a giant question mark over his head when everyone else has gone into the room to eat. For some reason, Hodor’s just not that interested in snack time.)

YouTube link.

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“MY box. Harrumph!” says Newt, grumpily.


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9-9-13 — 21 Comments

  1. The current residents of my front foster room excel at moving blankets, pillows, cushions from upholstered chairs, you name it. They drag them all under a chair in the corner of the room and build themselves a blanket fort like a bunch of preschoolers. They also tip empty (and not quite empty) bowls onto their sides and roll them across the room. I never know what I’m going to find when I open their door.

    • Isn’t it amazing how much of a mess they can make? They’re so LITTLE! I expect to walk into the front room and find that they’ve moved the couch one day.

  2. Oh! the trampling sound of a herd of kittens when you open the door! Too cute! Who knew such cute little things could make such a thundering exit, er, entrance, which is it?

    • Ha – both! First they exited, then they thought “Oh wait, I think there’s a snack in there for me!” and they (re)entered!

  3. I’m loving the double-decker kitteh action with Norbie and Arya! I will be sorry when that box finally bites the dust…it’s given us some really fun pictures and the kitties plenty of joy!

    When I watch the video, instead of “Release the hounds!” I want to shout “Release the kittehs!” 🙂

    • The easier question to answer might be what DIDN’T I get from Fab. I love that place! (I think I got a couple of scratchers in that box, but it’s been several months, so I could be wrong!)

  4. I noticed that Arya has moved to the Adopted! part of the website. So she has gone to her forever home? Details, please!

      • That picture of her by the door asking if it was time to go home yet really tugged at my heart. She is such a beauty. I do hope her adopter will keep us posted as she grows up!

  5. Love the video! Isn’t it funny how some cats are so snack motivated and a few aren’t? My Leo could care less if there’s a snack or not and actively shuns treats of any sort, (like we’re trying to poison him actually). But my Star will remove your arm if you forget to snack her!

  6. Arya is so, so gorgeous.

    I totally got suckered into clicking on the 2005 entry. Really, with a teaser like that, who wouldn’t?