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Sweet Hodor in the sun. He is such a pretty boy, isn’t he?

Arya and her flurry of whiskers.

I got out the stepladder and the kittens were on it in about 10 seconds flat.

Brandon tried to decide if he could make the jump to the counter (he decided not to risk it.)

“I wonder if I could make the jump to the lady and knock that camera out of her hand?”

Serious Starks are serious.

LOVE the whiskers!

Giving me the stinkeye. What’d I do?!


This is such a good picture of Brandon and his serious face!

We got a new refrigerator last weekend, because the old one was dying after 12 years and it was almost cheaper to get a new one than to fix the old one. We thought we’d ordered the white one, but the black one arrived – and I think I like it better. The kittens certainly do!

“I don’t get it. How do I get into that other room with the kitty who’s almost as beautiful as I am?”

Arya likes to sit on the box and judge the fights.

Sleepin’ Jon Snow.

Hodor likes to help Arya keep her ears sparkling clean.

Norbie, stressin’ again. (The stretched-out toes are KILLING ME.)

Videos! The first is of Arya and Hodor. Hodor likes to make sure that Arya keeps her ears clean. Cleanliness is next to cuteliness, you know!

YouTube link.

And the second is of Jake, playing fetch. He’ll walk through the house with a toy in his mouth, keening, and then when I throw it for him, he goes and gets it and brings it back. The video isn’t that great, but you get the idea of how it goes.

YouTube link.


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9-7-13 — 24 Comments

  1. My tuxie doesn’t play fetch, but he does have this habit of dragging our clothing (clean, dirty, doesn’t matter) and even small blankets through the house, keening or meowing loudly. Do any of your cats do this (anybody)?

    Can’t tell if it’s Jon Snow or Hodor on the step ladder with Brandon, but the little paws stretched up and the BELLY are killing me dead!

    • Mine do it with toys, but a friend of mine’s cat will drag his dirty socks from the laundry. Then she keens and fusses, and he’ll find them all over the place.

    • My sister’s cat steals (clean) dish towels and sleeps on them. I’m going to post this question on Friday’s post, I bet people will have some great stories! πŸ™‚

    • My college roommate had four meezers. The female would steal rolled up pairs of socks, carry them up to the living room and then line them up by her belly like they were nursing kittens. Woe to anyone that tried to touch her “babies.”

    • My sister’s cat does this with a ball of yarn. My sister is a knitter, and to keep Karmella out of her yarn, she gave her a ball of yarn for her own. Karmella carries it around like a baby and “sings” to it, but only if she thinks no one is watching her.

  2. Love the videos. Jake is so cute fetching and meowing at the same time. My kitty fetches golf tees and those squishy little rubber balls only. Anything else she just looks at you, like what? Lol

  3. I had a cat, Whiskers, that loved to play fetch. My husband would just shake his head, puzzled that a cat was acting like a dog! In fact, none of my three dogs will play fetch; they WILL fetch a toy I throw, but won’t give it back to me. Ha! Cute videos!

  4. Love the fetch game with Jake. I have never had a fetch cat. We do have a game we play. I sit anywhere in the house and within 10 seconds there is a tabby in my lap. Never fails.

  5. Am I the only one who saw the kitten in the oven? How long do you bake before she’s done? I want to try making my own. Is the recipe on DCEP?

  6. Oh Arya, there are no other prettier kittens than you.

    As if we didn’t have enough reasons to love Jake.

    I had a tuxie, Harley (because of her noisy motor), we worked it out so that she threw and I fetched. She loved to push coins off the table, and I would fetch then and put them back on the edge of the table. And then she’d push, rinse and repeat.

  7. My Sammy is almost a twin to Norbert, in fact, I call him Norbie once in a while since I have been following Norbert’s story line on Love & Hisses.