9-7-05 – Rambo & Jodie.

I didn’t get any pictures of it, but last night the stank coming off Rambo’s hindquarters was so strong that we finally gave in to the inevitable and gave him a bath.

By “we”, I mean Fred, because he’s actually given cats baths before. Rather than opting for the whole-body bath, he just washed him from the midsection down, with an emphasis on his (Rambo’s, not Fred’s) behind. Rambo actually didn’t fight it much, and when he was done he was fresh-smelling and looked like a half-drowned rat.

This morning, however, I do believe the stank is coming back, slowly but surely. Maybe he’s just a stanky cat, I don’t know.

Good thing for him he’s so cute.

The monkeys team up on Mister Boogers.

Rambo, asleep on my arm.

Rambo, desperate to do some wool-sucking, didn’t particularly care that Mister Boogers was already in the bed. Mister Boogers was thrilled, as you can imagine.

That boy just cracks me up, because he’s just SO HAPPY.

Snugglin’ kittens.

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