9-6-05 – Rambo & Jodie.

Jodie has, in the past few days, gotten incredibly friendly and loving. She’s always been friendly, but we had a problem with her being so overwhelmed with love that she’d bite us, and I cannot abide a bitey kitten. Whenever she’d bite, I’d say “NO”, and put her down. She’d come back up on my desk and rub on me and purr, and as long as she didn’t bite, she could rub and purr to her heart’s content.

It took a little while, but she got the idea that biting wasn’t good, and she’s pretty much stopped it. But she is SO full of love she has to do SOMETHING, so she licks.

And licks and licks and licks.

You know, being licked by a kitten 10 times is cute. After 10,000 times, it really starts to kind of hurt. But she’s so darn full of love, I haven’t got the heart to stop her. At least not ’til she draws blood.

Remember when I put a cat bed on either side of my desk, with the idea that the kittens could sleep in one and Miz Poo could have her usual bed? Yeah. Well, that’s not quite working out the way I’d planned.

Squeaky to the left of me.

Squinky to the right.

Here I am, stuck in the middle with Poo.

Fred has started referring to Rambo and Jodie as Squeaky and Squinky. I don’t know why, but I gotta say – it fits them pretty well. I tend to just call them The Monkeys, because they run around like little howler monkeys when they’re not dead asleep on my desk.

When she’s had enough of the licking, Jodie will retreat to the cat bed, and sit there and knead really hard (look at the paw!) and shoot me looks o’ love.

This picture cracks me UP.

Snuggly kittens.

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