9-2-05 – Rambo & Jodie.


Yesterday after I finished eating lunch, I went into the kitchen to put my dishes in the sink, and realized that there were about 300 ants crawling around on the floor. Upon further investigation, I realized that SOMEONE (who is not me) who likes to feed Mister Boogers leftover turkey on the kitchen floor had given Mister Boogers more than he was interested in eating, and there was a piece of turkey left on the floor. Apparently an ant on a reconnaissance mission had discovered it, and sent out the word to his ant brethren, who came running on the double to partake of some scrumptiously moist turkey.

So I pulled out the vacuum cleaner, vacuumed up all the ants I could find, and when that was done I pulled out the Hoover Floormate and cleaned the floor in the hallway and kitchen in an attempt to erase the trail of “come and get it!” the lead ant had left behind as a trail for his brother and sister ants to follow.

When I was done, I put everything away and then thought “Huh. I wonder where the kittens are?”

The kittens were huddled together in their room upstairs, hiding in the kitty condo from the loud, noisy monster machines.

I guess it’s a good thing that they consider that room their safe place, huh?

Speaking of the kittens, Wednesday evening I had to take them to get their leukemia vaccinations, and I intended to leave the house at 5:30, so at 5:25 I went up into the kittens’ room and grabbed the cat carrier, and carried it downstairs to the computer room.

Immediately, Jodie said “Hey, what’s this?” and climbed inside to explore. Ten seconds later Rambo said “Hey! What’s this?!” and followed her inside.

I guess they haven’t spent enough time in carriers to know that they’re supposed to be scared of them.

Mister Boogers and the kittens partake of catnip.

Rambo shows the toy basket who the boss is.

Rambo fights with a toy.

This is the face Mister Boogers makes when he’s about to sneeze. It cracks me UP.

Meester Boogers in his bed.

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