9-9-09 – Ike (just passing through)

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Say “see you later!” to wee Ike, the most adorable three week-old you’ll ever see. It has been such a pleasure having him here, he’s such a sweet little guy.

Yesterday, after his morning feeding, he snoozed for a few hours, then I brought him out to play. He likes the occasional belly rub, I’ve discovered. And since I had just vacuumed the kitchen, I felt okay about letting him crawl around on the rug in there. Ike can really move fast when he wants to! At one point he got off the rug onto the hardwood floor, and I swear I could see the little question mark over his head as he thought “Now, this is NOT what I meant to do!”

After another nap and some more bottle, he took a lap around the living room rug while I watched last week’s episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta (don’t judge me!). I’m pretty sure at one point he looked at me and said “Is that lady with the wig really singing ‘Don’t be tardy for the party’, or is my hearing not quite up to par yet?”

(If you want to get them hooked on trash TV, you have to start them young!)

Really, there’s nothing like a sweet little purring kitten. My favorite part about feeding Ike is that his little ears WIGGLE as he’s sucking. I had completely forgot that their ears wiggle, and how I did not pass out from the cute, I’m still not sure.

So, say goodbye to Ike – he’s going to the shelter, where the shelter manager will love him and care for him, and hopefully give him a sibling or two so he doesn’t grow up to be weird (always a possibility with single bottle-fed kittens).

Honestly, look at those little pink toes and the up-against-the-wall position he likes to be in when he’s eating. Is he not the MOST adorable thing??


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9-9-09 – Ike (just passing through) — 8 Comments

  1. my heart stopped when you said “say goodbye”!! I thought he’d DIED!!!!

    I’ve never read something so quickly before!

  2. Whoops! Sorry to scare you, I never considered that it could be a scary way to put it! I went and changed it to “Say “see you later!””, I don’t want to scare anyone else!

  3. Hehee … and I thought “Oh, she wrote ‘say see you later’ instead of ‘say goodbye’ so that we won’t be afraid that something terrible has happened to tiny Ike” 😀

    He’s so cute, the little man …

  4. Ike is quite possibly the cutest little bundle of fluff I have ever seen…I mean, all kittens are just insanely cute, but Ike, my sweet little orange Ike, is just the cutest of them all…melting…just melting here from all the cuteness.

    See you later little Ike! Hope you find the most fabulous forever home and live happily ever after.

  5. Oh see you later Ike! We all hope you find a wonderful forever home! It was nice to meet you even for a short time!

    He is such a cutie, I hope they find some kittens for him to hang out with until he is adopted, so he isn’t lonely!

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