9-8-09 – True Blood 6

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Jake and Elwood are truly making themselves at home, let me tell you.

Exhibit number one:

Do you see how close those boys are to Spanky? And do you see that Spanky is just laying there sound asleep, unbothered by their proximity? Do you know how often Spanky lets other cats get this close to him? Try NEVER.

Do you see that Jake is eating





as Kara? Do you SEE this? Do you see that Kara is neither hissing nor smacking nor stomping off in a huff? DO YOU SEE THIS? It’s like we’ve entered another universe completely. Kara does NOT like other cats all up in her grill. At Snackin’! Time!, she might occasionally get so excited that it is Snackin’! Time! that she accidentally rubs up against Tommy, but that’s okay because he’s the Ambassador of Love, and no one can hate having Tommy near them. Other times, she gets so excited at Snackin’! Time! that she accidentally rubs up against Spanky, but then an alarm goes off in her head and she thinks “MAYDAY MAYDAY AN INTRUDER CAT HAS ENTERED MY PERSONAL SPACE” and she hisses and smacks him first with one Paw o’ Doom and then the other.

But here, in this picture (let me refresh your memory):

Jake is all up in her space, eating off her plate, and she just keeps on eatin’. Jake is NOT the first kitten to attempt to nomnomnom off her plate, and always before she has squeaked and then hissed and then double-smacked, and the poor subject of her rage has gone running.

Apparently Jake is special.

Never ever EVER thought I’d see the day. Ever.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Tomorrow, Terry goes to have his hernia fixed, his bits neutered, and possibly – hopefully – his eyes done as well.

I won’t lie, I will be so glad when all these babies have had their eye surgery. I’m going to drag Bill and Hoyt to the clinic with me tomorrow when I pick up Terry and ask the vet to give them the once-over. I think they look good, but reassurance from a real vet goes a long way toward calming my worrywart nature.

(Trick sentence! Nothing will stop me from worrying!)

Look who’s being greedy! Sookie doesn’t know if she wants to play with the mink tail or the packing strap, so she’s claiming both of them as her own.

Waiting for the feather toy to come juuuust a little lower.

Look at Sam back there, all sitting at attention! I can’t decide whether he looks more like a rabbit – you know how they sit up at attention before they go bounding off? – or a meerkat. A squirrel? Whichever, he’s such a cutie that pardon me, I must go pick him up and kiss him right this minute.


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9-8-09 – True Blood 6 — 8 Comments

  1. Oh we are so behind in visiting you guys – stupid computers that don’t work! I think it is normal to worry – I would be more worried if you weren’t worried. They are all such little cuties it is hard not to be concerned – especially because they are so little. Sookie is a lot like Barney – he will take 2 toys at a time too. And for Sam, he looks like a combo of the 3 you mention – I am pretty sure my cats have a combo of animals they look like most of the time too, so that doesn’t surpise me!

  2. so good to hear continued positive updates about the Six…they certainly are adorable….and you’re so great with them!

  3. Squeeeee, indeed, Freya!

    Well, I immediately thought meercat, before I read rabbit and squirrel. I vote you can use the term that most closely corrolates with the behavior of the moment!

  4. I’m so glad that I’m not the only worrywart 🙂 It’s so refreshing to find a sisterhood of worrywarts that understand the constant need to worry about our furry babies!

    I think I have a crush on Sam, “the meersquibbit”.

  5. I have a crush on Sam, too! I was JUST going to say that he is really fighting for the “cutest” crown.

    A meersquibbet! How funny. What about a “squabbikat”?

  6. Oh, we do hope all goes well with Terry tomorrow. And yes indeed, of course you worry about them all. It’s what kitty moms do. It’s what makes you worthy of being moms to us kitties. 😉

    Speaking of which, our Mommy is joining the “squeeeeeeeeeee”-ing over Sam…well, all of them, really. *sigh*

    Purrs and hugs,
    The Kitty Krew