9-8-09 – Ike (just passing through)

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We have someone visiting us!

We’re calling him “Ike” for now, I don’t know that that’ll end up being his name, but he’s only going to be here ’til tomorrow morning. Another Challenger’s House foster mom rescued him at the emergency vet clinic. I took him, figuring that we’d figure out a way to fit him in somewhere. Luckily, the shelter manager told me that she’d have room for him after today, so he’s just passing through.

He’s three weeks old and (obviously) he’s awfully cute. He’s a pudgy, active, bright-eyed little guy. When I feed him, he purrs. When I kiss him, he purrs. When I clean him up, he purrs. When I put him in the big carrier with the heating pad and a big stuffed cat and a smaller stuffed bear, he crawls around and examines everything, then conks right out. He’s an active sleeper, this one. I’ll look at him (he’s in the computer room where I spend most of my time) one second and he’s in one position, then I glance again, and he’s in another position entirely. He moves onto the heating pad if he gets cold, then he moves off the heating pad if he gets hot.

He’s no dummy.

Apparently he was abandoned and found by the person who brought him to the clinic, but he mustn’t have been alone for long, because he’s in really good shape. (He was kind of nappy and flea-ridden, but the other foster mom and dad who took him home cleaned him up and he’s an awfully pretty little thing.)

Don’t get me wrong – if the True Bloods didn’t have the whole surgery and recovering-from-surgery thing going on, I’d be glad to keep him. But with their surgery and their recovery and all the time I spend worriedly peering at them thinking “Is that eyelip going to pop right off his face and go bouncing across the room, or am I imagining things?”, I’m afraid he wouldn’t get enough attention.

It sure is hard to stop kissing his purring little face!


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  1. Ohhhhhhhhhhh myyyy gawwwwwdddd i love love love him!! sweet little tiny baby. awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

  2. ZOOOOOOOOOOOOOMYGODOHMYGOD he is so tiny and adorable and wonderful and fuzzy and chubby and oh my God he is love. Sooooo sweet.

  3. Oh my goodness…I almost passed out from the utter cuteness of this tiny orange fluffball…the only words going through my head right now are “I want…I want…I want”…wonder if Husband would notice if I disappeared for a couple of days…it would give me just enough time to drive across the country and snatch up this little orange boy and smuggle him into the house…that little pink nose and the tiny pink mouth is just killing me…sigh…I want…