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Lately, Kara, Zoe, and Kaylee have been screaming to be let out of the kitten room earlier and earlier, which means I have to get up earlier and earlier to let them out. I decided Friday night to just leave them out and see how it went. I figured that if there was a lot of fighting or if they kept me up all night, I’d just go back to putting them in the room at night.

It’s been three nights, and so far so good. Zoe likes to curl up behind my knees and sleep for at least part of the night. Kara comes up and checks in with me three or four times a night – sniffs at my head, waits for me to pet her, and off she goes. I have no idea what Kaylee does with herself at night, maybe she sneaks downstairs and snuggles with Spanky, who knows? They did race around for a while in the middle of the night Saturday night, but not for too long, and they didn’t keep me awake so I’m going to continue letting them have 24/7 access to the rest of the house. After three nights of freedom, I have a feeling they’d object strongly to being locked up again, anyway.

I also stopped the morning Yummin’! Time! and am continuing with the evening Yummin’! Time! for the time being.

“Who IS that gorgeous kitteh?”

Kara keeps an eye on the babies.

The quintessential Zoe look.



Smilin’ Joe.


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