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Sweet little Arya went home yesterday! She’s gone to live in Charleston, SC, with her new mom Kathy and dad Mike, and her big brother Buddy (who is 3.)(Also, Buddy is a cat, not a human.) We met at the shelter bright and early yesterday morning, they filled out the paperwork, and then they made the long drive home – it took them 12 hours to get home (yikes!), and Arya was a doll the entire way. She is such a good girl! (She’s already flopping over for belly rubs. Am I surprised? Nope!)

I have no doubt that Arya will do wonderfully in her new home, and I suspect she’s going to have her new big brudder whipped into shape pretty quickly.

So today I have the rest of the pictures I took of her over the weekend, and then tomorrow I think we’ll do a fun cute-Arya-pics retrospective because we have really watched that little girl grow over the past two and a half months!

(By the way, I am SO THANKFUL for Kathy and Mike, because Fred was totally giving Arya the Eyes of Lurve lately and I was able to say “Nope! She’s got a home! You can’t keep her!”)

Arya likes to keep it clean, is what I think we’ve discovered about that girl. Jon Snow likes to keep it smug.

Hangin’ in the bedroom with her brudders.

I was trying SO hard to get Arya or Brandon (or both!) to jump from the bed to the cat tree, and they were just staring at me like “I do not understand what you want, lady.”

Then suddenly, Norbie.

I love this picture so much. Arya’s like “Oh, don’t look at him. He’s just showing off.” and Norbie’s got the determined, crazy eyes.

“I’m flyyyyyyinnnnnnnng!”

“I could do that if I wanted. Which I don’t. So I won’t. SO THERE.”


Tommy, amongst the kittens.

Have you ever seen a prettier princess?

I’m pretty sure Brandon could flap those ears and fly away.

Hodor hodors on through.

See? She SAID she could fly if she wanted to!

Landing. (One day I will get one of these pictures in perfect focus, and it will be AMAZING.)

Have a happy life, little girl (I suspect you very much will!)

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

When she’s not catching lizards and frogs, Maxi likes to hang on the side stoop and relax. (She doesn’t eat the lizards and frogs, by the way. She just kills them and then leaves them for the ants and flies. I really APPRECIATE that, Maxi. So much.)


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9-10-13 — 34 Comments

  1. I totally hummed the “6-million Dollar Man” theme in my head while looking at the pics of Norbie jumping.

    Bye bye sweet little Arya!

  2. Congratulations on the forever home, Arya! Everybody’s favorite sweet little calico kitten… I’m not surprised someone came along who couldn’t resist her. 🙂

    Hi tuxedo kitty! Gotta love Norbie. Yes, when does he get to go home?

  3. Have a wonderful life, sweet Arya. I think it’s great that she goes straight from your family to her forever family. While I appreciate Petsmart helping families find their kitties, I’m thrilled that Arya didn’t have to spend any time there.

  4. I’m amused that Fred is the one who made you take a year off from fostering after adopting Sugarbutt (I think?) and now he’s the one who’s all, “Let’s keep *that* one, too!”

  5. Arya is here in South Carolina?! She’s a Holy City kitty now – yayyy!!! I’m so glad she is *close* to me, and I hope her family sends updates!

  6. Yay!!! Arya’s off to her forever home!!! I suspect that she’ll be sparking up her big brother and wrapping her parents around her paw in no time!!!

  7. WONDERFUL news about Arya!!! Here’s hoping all the Starks find their forever homes just as easily!

    • Fred’s favorite cat type is “sassy.” Well, but he likes the laid-back ones (like Stefan), too. I think what I’m finding out is that Fred’s favorite cats are ALL of them. 🙂

      • Hundreds of humans and foster kitties agree: You and Fred are so lucky to have found each other, and we’re all lucky that you did!

  8. Hmmmmmm. And how exactly would Alice Mo, the Calico, handle a fuzzy bundle of calico competition for her Daddy, yo?

  9. Sweet, sweet Arya !! Such a lucky girl !! I sure hope we get to see updates.

    Are you going to take a “fostering rest” once the rest of the gang are settled into their new homes or Petsmart ? Or are you already “cookin” something up ? wink wink !!!

    • I’m not planning on taking a fostering rest – it’s just a matter of getting Brandon, Jon Snow, and Hodor off to Petsmart, and then seeing what comes along. Which is to say that I don’t have any concrete plans – if I had my second foster room still (which I don’t, because Fred’s working from home now and needed it as his office), I’d likely already have another litter in there. But with just the one room, there’s nowhere to put a second litter.

      Actually, having just one litter is kind of like having a vacation! 🙂

        • I tried that line of reasoning, ’til he was on a conference call and two kittens had a screaming fight right next to him! (Although honestly, if you were on a boring old conference call, don’t you think a screaming kitten fight would make things more interesting? I certainly do!)

          • I agree – screaming kitten fights trump office calls ANY DAY. Ohhhh, Robyn, I sooooo needed this good news post today. Thank you!
            And sweet goodbye-and-write-soon snorgles to Princess Arya!

  10. You need one of those supersonicextryspecial very expensive professional cameras that the people who photograph birds of prey or sports use. You know, to capture the non stop cat jumping action in your house. 🙂 You could probably mount a tripod right by the jumping spots and just wait. 🙂

    • Or you could jack your ISO and use shutter priority, depending on the frame rate your camera gets.

      • It’s more a lack of light issue than anything. I keep the ISO jacked pretty high most of the time, but this is a fairly dark house. I think what I need is an all-glass sunroom for maximum light! 🙂

  11. Love the action shots, especially the tail action just as Norb is about to lose contact with the bed.