New fosters! These won’t be around long – adoptions are picking up at the pet store – so don’t get too attached!

They’re awfully sweet and awfully cute. After the last batch, it’s kind of nice to have friendlies who will come over and climb on you and not hiss or cringe when you get near.

Fred named this batch, after Dark Towers characters. Apparently I messed up the ka-tet with my usage of the name “Oy” with the first bunch of fosters, but we managed to come up with names that hadn’t been used before.


Eddie Dean. (Does he look strikingly like a wolf, or is it just me?)

Susannah (though given her propensity for biting, Detta might have been a better name).


Billy Bumbler.


I know I recently had a discussion with SOMEONE about orange cats and how 90% of them tend to be male, but I can’t remember who the conversation was with, or even whether it was in person or via email. In any case, imagine my surprise when I found that the buff (light orange) tabby was female.

Callahan is the neatest color I’ve ever seen on a cat. If you just glance at him, he looks gray, but a closer look shows that he’s almost got an orangey tint to him. This shows his color a little better:

The brown tabbies look so much alike that I didn’t think I’d ever get them straight, but in just a couple of days, I have. Jake’s the smallest, Eddie Dean’s the prettiest (I mean, they’re all pretty, but Eddie’s particularly so, especially in person), and Roland’s the largest of the three.

They’re friendly and playful and in good shape (Susannah and Billy Bumbler both have goopy eyes, but terramycin is taking care of that) and I wish they were staying around a little longer. I know they’re going to be adopted really quickly, though.


Stinkerbelle hasn’t been through the whole new-fosters thing, so her nose is a bit out of joint now that she can’t hang out in the foster room whenever she wants. The one who’s having the biggest issue with it, though, is Spanky, who wanders around the house howling forlornly as though there’s SOMETHING different, he just can’t put his paw on what it is.


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