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From Susan, at Challenger’s House, a thank you to those of you who participated in the Rescue Jewels auction over the weekend:

Thanks so much to all of the cat – and jewelry – lovers out there. We really appreciate your generosity. You bought the kitties in our cat room their very own onefastcat.com cat wheel so maybe some of our tubbos might lose some weight. Hope you enjoy your jewelry as much as we hope the cats will enjoy their new workout equipment.


Looky looky looky! Do you know this sweet face? I know you do!

It’s that dear sweet Livia!

I don’t know… does she seem happy to you? Kinda stressed, right?

Her Mom reports that Livia is very happy and spoiled, and that’s exactly what I love to hear!


Whilst napping, Polo does a pretty good job of playing dead. Imagine opening your eyes to see this sight! (He did not appreciate me poking him AT ALL.)

“That not nice, lady. NOT NICE AT ALL.”

Isn’t he just the most beautiful boy?


“HEY. I’m beautiful TOOOOOOOO!”
Indeed you are, you little monkey. Indeed you are.

Dennis – who finally, two and a half months after I announced that we were keeping him, has his own permanent resident page – has demonstrated that he is a master cicada catcher. Three times in the past week, we’ve had to pause the TV in the evening so Fred could take an angry cicada away from Dennis and set it free.

If you’re not in an area where there are cicadas, rest assured that an angry (or scared) cicada sounds like something from a horror movie. Also, they’re ugly. But – as far as I know – they won’t hurt you. (More about cicadas, if you’re interested, here.)


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9-9-14 — 26 Comments

  1. OMG YAY!!! I am so happy to see a Livia update already!! That beautiful girl has a lifelong admirer in me so keep those updates comin’! She does look like she’s settled in nicely… almost brought a tear to my eye *sniff*. I wish I could have just one opportunity to kiss those sweet cheeks of hers!

  2. Such a cute Livia update, I think she will be able to handle that amount of stress. When she is sleeping on her side, she looks very much like my own cat.

  3. Love seeing Livia relaxing and becoming queen of her new home. She deserves it !!!

    Polo is such an awesome cat !!! His facial expressions are perfect for your witty captions !!!! Dennis too !!!!

  4. Love the Livia update! So happy she finally found her home. She looks like she may have slimmed down a tiny bit?

    • She very well may have slimmed down a bit – I’m pretty sure that most of her weight gain was due to being in the cage at Petsmart for so long. She’s actually a fairly active cat, and always ran around and played while she was here with us, so I’m thinking that now she can run and play whenever she wants, she may lose some weight.

  5. We had this indoor/outdoor neutered tom back in PA and he was this awesome orange tabby. He was a mighty hunter, bringing us birds and mice and squirrels. By far the grossest thing we ever saw him eat was a dead cicada. Never knew whether he caught it and killed it or just found it, but it was nasty. RIP Amos.

    Yay for Livia update and I so adore Polo and his fangs.

  6. Oh, thank you for the Livia news. I needed a happy kitty story (or two) today. We just found out this morning that our older male cat, Buddy (he’s about 10, we think) apparently has lung cancer. We’re completely shocked — he was a little slower than usual last week, but we thought it was the heat, and then he stopped eating normally on Sunday. My husband took him to the vet this morning thinking it was something minor, and now we may have to put him to sleep. We’re waiting on confirmation and more information. My head is spinning — I just can’t believe it. And I still have bite marks on my hand from when he tried to wake me up Saturday to feed him…

    Sorry to overshare. I know everyone here will understand, though.

    • Hugs to you, Buddy and your family!! I hope you get better news. A lot of us here have dealt with cancer in our furbabies, so I’m sending good thoughts your way!

    • Hugs to you, Buddy and your family!! I hope you get better news. A lot of us here have dealt with cancer in our furbabies, so I’m sending positive thoughts your way!

    • Oh Alexandra, I’m so sorry to hear this. Please let us know what you find out – you and Buddy will be in my prayers. <3 <3 <3

    • I’m so sorry for you all. It sounds like he’s not himself anymore to some extent, the cancer’s taking it’s toll.

      Big hugs for you all, especially Buddy, poor sweetie.

  7. Alexandra my heart goes out to you !! I do understand what you are going through. I just lost two of my kitties within a month and a bit of each other. It is never easy when our fur babies get sick. Know that there are many here who are here for you even if it is just through the this blog. Kitty hugs to you and Buddy.

  8. yaayy for a livia update!! and I can say I feel you on the cicada hunting. My sister let Salem out and he brought one in. Those things terrify me I don’t care if they’re harmless XD can imagine the yelling going on 😛

    aahh Polo no scaring people like that XD I hate it when my cats sleep like the dead I have to go move them to make sure they’re ok specially since Ember is getting up there in years Pretty sure she’s 16? I can’t remember exactly anymore

    • And they manage to lay so STILL! It’s really kind of scary, so it’s their own fault they’re getting poked, right?

      • Robyn, you know better: nothing is ever, ever, ever the kitty’s fault! I am still smiling at the sight of a very contented, obviously adored Livia.

      • yes! so still, and then if you call they don’t make a move or anything just..flat out asleep. so poking the kitty belly commences

  9. Poor Livia looks so stressed by the way she’s sleeping all curled up and anxious ears.

    So glad to hear the happy endings.

  10. Love the Polo pictures!

    Went to the link about the cicadas. I thought they were just in the south! I am from Texas and live in the city now. I kinda miss that sound! We called them katy-dids – have no idea why. 🙂

  11. Hugs and good thoughts out to Alexandra and her family and especially Buddy!

    Thank you for the Livia update – if ever a Mamacat deserved the most perfect forever home, it is this princess! She looks sooooo happy!

  12. Thanks for all the good wishes, everyone. Buddy is home and resting. He’s clearly happy to be here, but not feeling great; he had a lot of fluid drawn from his lungs and he has several tumors. We’re not sure how long he has, so we’re just trying to keep him comfortable now and hope the fluid doesn’t build back up too quickly.

    It’s comforting to know that I have this L&H community thinking of him. Thanks, Robyn and Co.

    • Awwww. He’s happy that he’s with his family.

      Keep us updated on Buddy, we know how hard this is. We’ve been there too.

  13. I’m still recovering from the time back in high school (twenty-some years ago) when I looked up from some late-night homework to find a GIANT cicada on my ceiling. I called my mom in (because it was between me and the door! I wasn’t going to walk under that thing!), she came in annoyed at being woken up, the cicada made its horror-movie noise, we both screamed bloody murder…