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In case you missed it, there was a post on Saturday.


Oh, Polo. Why you gotta be so stressed?


“Is it nap time? I was taking my pre-nap nap! You can’t go straight into naps, y’know, you’ve got to work up to them!”

“Now get the snuggly soft blanket and get over here, lady. It’s nappin’ time!”

Yes sir!

Polo is an excellent napping companion, if you were curious. He climbs up next to me, keeps me company while I read, allows me to pet him, and then if I turn over to snooze for a while, he curls right up against me and purrs me off to sleep. Such a sweet boy!


“Um. Just. Y’know. Hanging out. Oh, is there a bird feeder right there? I hadn’t noticed!”


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9-8-14 — 8 Comments

  1. Good to know that Polo is an excellent napping companion, that is a highly valuable attribute in a cat. Plus he seems to have very sophisticated nap strategies worked out already, I never knew about the importance of a pre-nap. How naive I was!

  2. Yes, being a good napping companion is a valuable attribute. One that neither of my cats possess. Polo looks like a sweet snuggly boy!

  3. 2011 features the immortal “So cute, these ducks. I hope they don’t grow up obnoxious.” And Polo’s pre-nap expertise and enthusiasm need to be noted on his profile.

  4. I know you and Fred give off Grade A “cat people” vibes, but seeing just how at ease Polo is after such a short time tells me he is an exceptionally sweet boy, and I hope his stay at Crooked Acres gets him the exposure he needs for his forever family to find him!

  5. Do George and Gracie know you passed up not one but three perfectly good fire hydrants just for the sake of some ducks?