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She wasn’t my foster, but I was very pleased to hear that Hattie finally went home last night! Just in time for her first birthday.

Congrats, Miss Hattie!

And on Thursday, Julep (also not my foster, but I got to know her via cleaning at Petsmart) went home.

Congrats, Miss Julep!

Angelo, Tricki, Blaster, and Marshall (and Monday, too!) need to up their game. Maybe this weekend will be a good one for them. Fingers crossed!


Speaking of adoptions, let’s have a little look at Orlando, shall we?

Look at those long legs.

Just a little bit smug.

Orlando and Rosie. Any bets on how long it’ll be before we get to see a picture of them snuggling?

“You just remember – I am the boss of you.”
“Yep, yep, you’re the boss. We can play now?”

So sweet!


Polo works on his yawning skills.

You might want to work on tucking those fangs back in a little faster, Polo, but overall I’d give you an A+ in yawning!


Side yard shenanigans with Newt and Maxi.


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9-6-14 — 9 Comments

  1. Orlando looks very relaxed. Miss Julep is such a sweet, loving little girl. She does like to give kisses too.

  2. Is it me, or is that Julep a little reminiscent of my favorite Stompers? I love that face!

  3. Do not understand why Tricki has not been snapped up. I would call Monday Rorschach if she were mine. And I wish that she were mine.

  4. I am loving the Orlando updates, and that last photo is a joy. I’m also pretty convinced that Polo has his very own theme song; you know, the one whose chorus goes “Get it on, fang a gong, get it on.” Most impressive gnashers, young man.