9-6-09 – True Blood 6.

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It’s a dark, dreary, rainy Sunday morning here. I’m going to share some pictures that were taken earlier this week and then go snuggle up with some kittens and perhaps take a nap!

Sam must have walked around with this huge drop of water hanging off his chin for at least five minutes. I was fascinated, kept wondering if it was ever going to drop off. It would kind of elongate and I’d think it was going to drop, but then it would just stay there. Finally, Hoyt head-bumped Sam and ended up with the drop of water on top of his head.

Oh, I love all these kittens, but I have a special soft and mushy spot in my heart for Terry, that sweet little mess.

Hoyt registers a complaint with the management. There’s too much picture-taking going on and not enough petting!

Lafayette, before he had surgery.

Terry. You can see that his right eye can’t close all the way. Just a few more days, and he’ll be sporting some fancy new eyelips!

Hoyt is clearly suffering.

Another shot of Lafayette before surgery.

Sam and Hoyt, snuggled up for nap time.


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9-6-09 – True Blood 6. — 8 Comments

  1. I can’t believe you work those kittens so hard. What a life. You should be ashamed of yourself.

  2. It is a dreary raining day here as well. I too shall curl up for a nap with my kitten cat. You are lucky you have so many kitties to snuggle with you. I am glad to see everyone who got their eyelips done is doing so well. Soon everyone’s pretty little eyes will be picture perfect. Though they all still look sweet to me! Have a cozy day with your kitties.

  3. Send some rain east, would you? No rain here. I wanna see my new gutter extension thing unfold. It’s the simple things… I don’t know why you love those kittens. They are ugly. NOT! Such sweet, sweet babies.

    Oh look, it’s raining! 🙂

  4. Oh, these kittens are all just adorable! We loved Lafayette with his tongue on yesterday’s post. MOL We’re so happy that everyone is doing so well. Extra special purrs and hugs to you for taking such great care of them!

    Purrs and hugs,
    The Kitty Krew

  5. Noooooo, Lisa! It’s lovely today here in B’more and I don’t want it to rain on my BBQ!! (I know, we’re a day early!) I vote for snuggling on nice days, too! 😉

    Robyn, I love the shots of Lafayette, especially. Why??? Because your S shaped kitty scratcher has fur on it, just like mine! I look at the shots of Laurie’s and Sue’s and there’s never a stray hair! How in the heck to they do that?? I vacuum and in 3.67 seconds it’s covered again!

  6. Dear Robyn ~ Every time I look at these kittens it strikes me how lucky they are to have found their way to you. People always ask me how I can give up the kittens I foster, and honestly if I had the True Bloods I don’t know that I could. Well, I guess I’d let you have Terry..

  7. your posts are just a joy to read. I think I’m finally getting how it all works now. I always visualised that cats had eyelids like humans, but I’m beginning to see the difference now, and how the operation will help.

  8. Ok let me start by saying that I love all the True Bloods and if I could I would take them all to be mine forever – but at the moment I can’t even add one, so that is out of the question. But that being said, well, I too have a little bit of an extra bit of love for Terry – I don’t know what it is about him – I don’t have a favorite per se but he just gets me every time I see him.