9-10-14 – Crooked Acres Wednesday

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Last night, this happened!

Yay, Blaster!


Sights from around Crooked Acres.

“Hurry it UP, lady!”

Pretty hen.

Ducks on the pond. Don’t they look all sweet and peaceful and not at all like jerks?

Catfish feedin’ time.

I don’t know what George has been rolling around in, but he’s a mess. Good thing about his fur, though – it’s made of Teflon, and in 20 minutes he’ll be clean again, no brushing or bathing required.

Our turtle in the pond shows up for catfish feedin’ time, too.


Bee on the… I think that’s Queen Anne’s Lace, I think. I can’t tell for sure from this picture, but we’ve got a ton of it growing out by the pond.

A few chickens always follow us out to the pond, just in case there might be food for them.

George checks out the hollow the catfish have dug in near the edge of the pond.

Male duck (middle of the picture), chasing hens.

Pretty hen.

Rooster and the Rock Star (and her terrible haircut), partaking of the dogs’ water.

Okra flower. I know I’ve told y’all 100 times that I think okra flowers are SO pretty, so you shouldn’t be surprised by all the pictures I post of them.

Juvenile assassin bugs, clustered on the back of a plant ID tag. I think they stick together like this for a little while right after they’ve hatched, and then go their separate ways. They are utterly adorable.

I’ve made a ton of salsa this year, and the tomatoes don’t seem to be slowing down much.

The Habanero plants have finally started producing peppers… but they don’t look like any Habaneros I’ve seen before. They’re all about twice as long as the ones we usually see. I thought maybe I’d planted some unusual variety, but they’re plain old regular Habaneros, so I’m not sure what’s going on. Maybe they’re trying to make up for their slow start.

This huge old pecan tree by the garden would be the perfect place to put a hammock. I’m not sure we’d ever use a hammock, though, due to all the BUGS.

Okay, you know what’s coming up. That’s right, it’s the spider section. Click here to skip it.

















Just a little more.

Okay, that should do it.

So. Dolores. You know, one day last week I looked at her as she was eating some bug or another, and I thought “Huh. Ol’ Dolores is getting kind of voluptuous again. I wonder what’s up with that?”

The very next day, I went outside to find this.

TWO big ol’ egg sacs instead of the one. Who knew that would happen? Not me – I was completely surprised.

This little guy has been hanging out near her web for a couple of weeks now. I made a joke about him courting Dolores, and then Fred suggested that maybe he was just hanging out to grab any insects that got caught in Dolores’s web. Now I’m wondering if Dolores has tasked him with protecting her egg sacs. I’ve named him Wayne. I’ll be curious to see if Wayne sticks around.

Dolores is a big spider, but I can’t believe she actually created both of those huge egg sacs. Kind of amazing.

She’s a leggy girl.

So after leaving those two huge egg sacs securely fastened to the side of the garage, Dolores has disappeared. The day after that second egg sac appeared, she was gone and her web was taken apart. I prefer to think that she left Wayne in charge and went off to seek her fortune in the back forty, but I’m guessing that she really went off to die.

You better believe I’ll be keeping an eye on those egg sacs. Wayne seems kinda shifty; I’m not sure I trust him.


















“Stop waving that feather teaser around and give it to me, lady!”

Sweet boy.

“Oh, hey. Is it nap time? I think it is!”

“First, you may brush me.”


Is it just me, or does Miz Poo look kinda guilty here?

“Um. Just. Y’know. Going for a stroll! Nothing to see here!”

“I vant to be ALONE.”


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9-10-14 – Crooked Acres Wednesday — 47 Comments

  1. I want to hear about everything that makes the ducks jerks. Everything! I know it’s got to be funny. Crooked Acres days are the best!

  2. I didn’t know you had catfish in the pond, or that they dug such big hollows in the banks. Although it is amusingly appropriate that even when you have fish, they’re still “cats”!

    How someone has not adopted sweet, slinky Tricki yet I will never know. Her forever home needs to pick up the pace!

    • After making her wait for so long, I’m thinking that maybe Tricki’s family will be royalty and they’re just waiting for the golden litter box to be finished!

  3. It is good that you are keeping an eye on Wayne, we need to know whether he is up to no good. Perhaps Dolores was having a Greta Garbo moment and wanted to be alone, it is not easy to be hounded by you paparazzi. And Polo is just so cute with an amazing coat, I love that brownish-grey colour.

  4. Is it odd that I am feeling sad about Dolores having gone missing? I love spiders and have been keeping an eye on a couple of webs on our “property” There is one on the lamp post where there is a through and through hole on the upright where there used to be a cross bar for hanging plants. It is completely covered in silk and spidey hides inside. There is one other that is is high up on the second story eave. The bug guys wanted to wipe it down and I stopped them. There is a place for every creature and spiders are pretty cool in my mind. Their time is almost over anyway. The catfish hollow surprised me too. We have catfish in our pond, we call them the submariners. I did not know they created hollows. You site is better than Nat Geo!
    We got our first order from Chewy.com. They were terrific to work with and everything was perfect in the order. I love that they personalize their notes to me and use silly cat and dog words. Now I don’t have to keep track of cat food since I know it will be coming to my door. I feel very special. Thanks so much for the heads up about Chewy.com.

    • It’s not odd at all – I might have gotten a bit teary eyed when I realized she was gone!

      I’m so glad that you’re loving Chewy – it’s so handy to have the shipments automated. It took me a little while to get the shipments just right (we need food every 3 weeks; every 4 was just a little too long), but now it’s just perfect!

  5. Oh, I love Crooked Acres days. Thanks Robyn. And yay for Blaster!

    Just an update for those of you who left comments about our Buddy yesterday: we put him to sleep this morning. He slept comfortably with his sidekick Gravy (our weird polydactyl girl) last night, but continued not to eat, and was hiding from us by this morning. He chose us 9 years ago to be his humans by reaching out of a cage at a shelter and then sitting happily on my husband’s hand while we filled out paperwork to adopt him. We’re comforted by the fact that he didn’t seem to be in much distress before this past weekend and that he probably didn’t know anything was wrong until it was too late. We’re gonna miss him a lot.

    • Alexandra, I’m so sorry for your loss. I’m glad that he was able to have another night with you guys and Gravy, and that he wasn’t in much distress. <3 <3 <3

    • Oh Alexandra I am so sorry!! I know how hard that was but Buddy loved you and knew you were doing what was best for him. I have a friend who is having to let her kitty go today, too…he was diagnosed with leukemia a month ago and his time has also come. Hugs and purrs… :'(

    • I’m so sorry to hear about Buddy. I’m glad that you were chosen by him and that he was somewhat comfortable despite his illness.

      Big hugs to you and your family. Especially Gravy, give her a big hug and long cuddle.

    • Alexandra – I am so sorry about your Buddy. Your story about how he chose you is very sweet. He must have known you would love him always. Hugs…

      • Buddy was obviously a great guy, and you all were lucky to find one another, though your time together was far too short. Sincere condolences.

    • So sorry for your loss of Buddy 🙁 he will have many friends to play with across the Rainbow Bridge, and waiting to see you again. Hugs to you.

    • I am so sorry about Buddy. I know you will see each other again when you meet at the Rainbow Bridge. Take care of yourselves and know you gave Buddy a great home.

  6. So glad that Blastr’s family finally came to pick him up.

    Now we need someone(s) to swoop in and adopt Tricki and Angelo. For that matter Marshall and Monday.

    • I agree! Lisa posted a picture last week (I think) of Marshall and Monday curled up together in a bed. It would be great if the two of them were adopted together!

    • By the fence in the Miz Poo picture? Yep, that’s her. That’s a favorite part of the fence for the cats, they like to sit there and watch the birds land in the side yard, and squirrels run up the trees.

  7. Robyn, thanks for all the Crooked Acres sights, even, shudder, the spiders! And great news for Blaster!

    Alexandra, so sorry about the good-bye you had, they leave such a hole in our hearts, hugs and many good memories for you.

  8. That catfish hollow is likely where they’re keeping their babies. They dig deep holes, lay their eggs in them, and the parents guard the nest. Which is why people can find a catfish in the hole when they want to wrestle with one (“noodling”).

    • I only recently learned about noodling by watching a TV show (River Monsters). That is craziness!

      • How sporting is it to invade someone’s house where they’re guarding their young/eggs?

        Something about that just turned me off. I love the mano/mano of no line, hook or net but that is not sporting to me.

  9. Or we can all assume Dolores hasn’t got time to care for all those babies :p
    mothers spiders probably goes off to some cruise together…

    (but really don’t spiders just erm, spend their final days on the web? or Wayne ate Dolores’ body? I mean.. that’s how insects goes isn’t it…)

    oh and can you just send off the male ducks to freezer camp.. donate it to the freezer guy or something :p

  10. so DID the catfish eat up all those tadpoles?? And clearly they thrived in your pond, made it through the winter etc…

    what is that hollow they dug for? that is fascinating!!