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Throw Back Thursday: Catfish

Matthew’s comment yesterday – about not realizing that we had catfish in the pond – made me think that a repost of how the catfish came to live in our pond would be a good Throw Back Thursday topic. So from the March 29, 2012 post, here it is.

2012-03-29 (13)
So, a few weeks ago, Fred noticed that we’ve got tadpoles in the pond.

2012-03-29 (21)
A LOT of them. I’m not kidding when I tell you that there are thousands of them. You walk along the shore, and they flit away in droves. Fred was like “We are going to have a plague of frogs out there.”

2012-03-29 (19)
I was like “Well, what are we going to DO?” Fred said, “We need to get some cats. A LOT of cats. Like, 200 of them!”

2012-03-29 (14)
So we did. (Those are catfish, in case you’ve never seen them.)

2012-03-29 (16)
We got 100 4-6″ catfish, and 100 6-8″ catfish.

2012-03-29 (17)
The fish truck came to our local Co-op, so Fred took half a day off work to go pick up our order. They were in tanks, and the guys dipped them up and put them in big bags and then tied them shut. We brought them straight home and took them out to the pond.

2012-03-29 (20)
Hopefully they’ll eat some of those tadpoles. We’re also feeding them catfish food, but it’s only been a few days, they haven’t quite gotten the hang of the idea that people bring food. In a year or two, Fred will be a fishing fool and we’ll start eating them.

2012-03-29 (22)
This is what Gracie thought about those catfish.


It totally looks like Polo is smacking at the Love & Hisses watermark.

Fangin’ it.

Such a patient boy.


Suggie, out standing in his field. (That picture was taken in the spring, before Fred got a chance to mow the back yard. He doesn’t usually let the weeds get so tall before he mows!)


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9-11-14 – TBT — 18 Comments

    • Yes, inquiring minds want to know! I’m not up to speed on the mating habits of catfish to know if they procreate quickly or seasonally & what the success rate is of their offspring if there are no predators around (besides Fred). How many does he fish up/freeze during the summer? Tell us!

  1. Catfish: are they blue, channel or flatheads or a mix? And do y’all still feed them or are they eating whatever is in the pond now?

  2. Polo looks like a character from CATS, talk about personality!! I bet he likes it when somebody rubs their face against the side of his neck and throat.

    I’m wondering if the catfish have any predators once they’re grown. The dogs? I can’t see the ducks or chickens taking them on.

  3. Nope, not interested in your catfish. Pretty sure they are called hornpout up north here. My grandpa always threw them back. I like Polo’s tail in the three pictures-in exactly the same position. He looks like a love-and how quickly he adapted to new digs!

  4. Catfish has a rather strong smell,no?
    Fresh water fishes (cooked) always smell muddy..

    you need 200 catfish for some frogs? :p
    I would think 1 of them would eat 100 tapoles!

    Though I think they’ll make good food for the dogs/chickens?