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Due to a… (keeping in mind that this is a family-friendly site…) PERSON who likes to wear his BUTTOCKS as headgear, many sites that are hosted by Go Daddy – which Love & Hisses is – were down for a good part of yesterday. As a result, there’s not a real entry here today, just a picture (so you don’t have to go kittenless, because that would be a very sad day) and a promise to be back tomorrow with a real post (assuming that the aforementioned dou- uh, PERSON doesn’t go after Go Daddy again.)

“He wears his what on his where, now?” Joe Pickle ponders the flexibility required for such a maneuver.


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9-11-12 — 30 Comments

  1. Oh my goodness, he is gorgeous. Never underestimate the beauty of a plain old tabby.

    Psst… my little old blog has kitten photos for those in withdrawal today. Two litters, no waiting 😉

    • *cloud of Internet dust*

      You’ve got some adorable babies there, Kelly. I’ve considered fostering, but I have a Crankshaft of an orange tabby who is 13 and picks on the other adults in the house. The idea of him being around the fosters terrifies me.

      • I too have a cranky ginger tabby… 9 years old and the master of his domain. I’m learning he has problems with other male cats who want to challenge him as alpha, but he’s okay with smaller, quieter males and female adults (mostly, although I don’t want to test him on this any farther in the future). The babies are kept in a separate room where he KNOWS they’re there, but doesn’t have to deal with them. He did come into regular contact with the last litter when they were too old to keep contained, but still not ready for adoption. He wasn’t thrilled about the kittens invading his territory, but he just went to higher ground and watched the show.

        • My guy picks on the female adults too, unfortunately. I think he’d rather be an only cat, but tough luck on that one. I can at least do him him the favor of not bringing any more kittens in.

          I think he’s simply jealous that he doesn’t get all the affection he wants – if he did I’d never do anything else.

          • My 18-year-old Calico thinks she IS an only cat, and these other cats just need to go on home, now.

  2. It always stuns me when people are that nasty. I was concerned when I came back for a mid-day kitten booster shot, and couldn’t get my fix. Thank you for reminding us,again, how handsome Joe Pickle is.

  3. Hee hee at the expression on Joe’s face!

    I still like the idea of sending Alice Mo and Sheriff Mama after this dumb ass! 🙂

    • Ouch! Both of them at once? That’s like swatting a fly with a sledgehammer! But, as I am now deficient in my daily kitteh intake, I guess it’s fair retribution.

  4. What happened, they got hacked?

    I’m reading some old entries, went up to April 1st! I also decided to read all about Kara and her babies. They’re about 2 weeks old now. Tonight, they will age at least a month I hope. Until I have to go to bed anyway.

    • A hacker took credit for it, but GoDaddy is now saying that it was a problem with… I don’t know, it’s all Geek to me, something internal got corrupted, but it wasn’t a hacker, so… at least we’re back up! 🙂

  5. And now the Pickles are running around calling each other “dewshes”.

    “Petey says your a dewsh!”

    “Lady, Tony called me a dewsh what’s that?”

    • I was in Target one day, and was browsing the clearance racks nearby a lady who had two little kids with her. One of them called the other a “dewsh,”* and the mom seemed caught between outrage and laughter as she replied, “WHAT did you say?”

      *yeah, I know what you meant, but your spelling is funnier! ☺

  6. Pencil neck geek hackers!!!! I thought there was something wrong with my computer..

    Love Joe’s little face today! 😀

    • As it turns out, it was an internal issue at Go Daddy – a hardware (or software) problem, rather than a hacker. Unless Go Daddy is covering up the hacking. Hmmm…. All I know is, they’re up again, yay! 🙂

  7. Sweet Joe Pickle is now my desktop wallpaper. He looks like he’s viewing my icons with suspicion. 🙂

  8. What’s the oddest behavior of any of your permanents? My Charlie (he’ll be one in October) – well he licks my shower curtain. He sits on the edge of the tub and leans forward and licks the plastic liner and then he chomps on the edge – just bites it over and over – not trying to break it off and eat it, but just bites it – kind of like they do with cardboard sometimes. It cracks me up – my shower curtain just has this little row of kitten teeth perforations.

    • I’m going to have to think about this one (and maybe ask Fred!) I can tell you that our shower curtains always sport fabulous holes right around knee height where the kittens like to jump up and sink their claws in. 🙂

  9. There’s a term that is family friendly, if only because most people generally won’t know what you’re talking about: Rectal Haberdasher.

    • I believe this phrase will be added to my regular rotation! And if you want to vague it out even more, Gluteal Haberdasher has a nice ring to it.

      (I’m also particular to the phrase “guanophrenic.” -Phrenic as in “of or relating to the mind,” and “guano” as in bat… uh… droppings.)