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Well, according to Go Daddy (the company that hosts Love & Hisses), the issue on Monday wasn’t a hacker, but rather “corrupted router data tables”. I’m just glad it was taken care of so quickly! (And knowing that there were thousands of other sites having the same problem was oddly comforting.)

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Lately, I’ve been calling him just plain “Pickle”, though sometimes I call him “Picklehead” as well.

Polly Pickle enjoys a good rousing game of Sparkle Ball. Perhaps because the rules are known only to her, she seems to win every game.

Percy, grabbing someone’s (possibly Petey’s) tail.

(Impossibly Petey Pickle would be an excellent name for a sitcom, wouldn’t it?)

Picklehead in the sun.

Petey prefers pristine paws.

I love how Petey is looking at the shadow (of Percy, who was up in the window), trying to figure out what’s going on.

Petey primps.

Percy on the right, Polly’s whiskers on the left.

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They certainly do like to hang out on the toe of this bed.


Dandelion’s always tackling her sisters.

All eight paws, OFF the floor!

Purslane tries standing up to Dandelion.

Dandelion’s not havin’ it.

Purslane’s not havin’ Dandelion not havin’ it.


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It rained a little Saturday morning. Tommy prefers to watch the rain from the house under the greenery in the back yard. Elwood decided to join him. Tommy was thrilled, as you can see. (That’s Tommy on the left, Elwood on the right.)


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9-12-12 — 34 Comments

  1. Isn’t that all eight paws off the ground??

    great photos today, TrhP still doesn’t look quite like a regular kitten.. it’s odd, because he’s almost there so he just looks a little off, but it takes you a second to figure it out.

    • That’s what I meant! In fact, I showed it to Fred yesterday and said “Look, all 8 paws off the ground!”, and then promptly typed “four” instead of “eight.” (It’s fixed now!)

      He’s definitely not your average kitten. 🙂

    • I laughed because today’s photos made me think for the first time that TrhP was finally looking like a “normal” kitten! I am just noticing his knuckly paws… I wonder if our favorite runt has some Bengal in him!

  2. *raises hand* Industry worker, I know what they mean by that. If they were down ALL FREAKING DAY for that, someone up there is definitely wearing their buttocks as headgear. It takes a pretty special type of stupid to take that freaking long to fix a routing table issue.

  3. So go daddy is hacked, no way of spinning that, it was broadly covered by both the media and the twitterverse, and yet the all day outage was in an easily repaired router table all that time. . . . . Yeah, right.

    It’s good to see Ms. Purslane standing up for herself, btw.

  4. Glad to see things all cleared up Robyn. The internet is an amazing thing both in the fact that it exists and in the fact that it can be so easily hacked.

  5. Robyn,
    On the 2011 link, Buster makes an appearance. You say you are going to make him a permanent resident, but he is not listed on the permanent resident list. Did you all find Buster a home? Just curious as to what happened.

    • I’m going to save this for Friday, but just so you don’t have to wait, yes, he has a home, but no, it’s not here. 🙂

  6. Every time I see the Picklehead alive & well it makes me verklempt 🙂

    also, everyone’s sick of selling seashells, need more of your kitteh tongue twisters:

    “Petey primps, prefers pristine paws.”

  7. I’m having electronics issues today too. First my DVR died for no reason. I have the triple play package. I called the Cable Company and got THAT handled fairly easily. Then my house phone started acting all weird giving this small partial ring. I wasn’t in the mood to chat so I didn’t care much until my sister im’d me on facebook saying,”Your phone is out?” I im’d her back and then called her. I can call OUT fine but when someone calls US it goes right to my Cable Company! Pretty Bizarre,no? They are saying it is a something I don’t get problem and will take 24 to 48 hours to fix. I will be calling up to bitch for a credit after it is fixed. The computer was very slow st first today too but that has been going on for a while so it’s hard to know if it’s related but the customer service person tells me it’s not. Is it imed or im’d? Hard to know with this new technology stuff when you are from the get up and change your own channel generation!

  8. My goodness – has Mr Picklehead himself had a growth spurt? He’s almost starting to look like a normal (if somewhat devilish) kitten!