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Have I mentioned that the kittens loooooooove to play with the camera strap? Best toy EVER.

Petey Pickle is such a pretty boy.

Snugglin’ Joe.

The Terrible Pickle is having Deep Thoughts.


Pretty Polly in the sun.

Joe Pickle, trying to decide what sort of trouble to start next.

Friday afternoon, we opened the door to the guest bedroom and let the Pickles have the run of the house. There was no hissing, no growling, no floofing. Those kittens were immediately comfortable and relaxed. It usually takes two or three days for kittens to start hanging out in the computer room, and even longer for them to start exploring the upstairs, but they were in the computer room in no time flat, and when I went upstairs to visit with the Weeds a few hours after we let them out, all five of the Pickles were snoozing in my room.

It went so well that Saturday and Sunday we gave them the run of the house all day long. It wasn’t perfect – when I was trying to eat breakfast Sunday Petey did everything he could to plant his butt in the middle of my plate and was completely undeterred by the can of compressed air. Β I had to put them all in the guest bedroom so I could finish eating breakfast. But for the most part, it’s going just fine. They’re enjoying having more room to roam, and don’t fight being put in the guest bedroom at bedtime. They aren’t messing with the big cats (though Miz Poo had to raise a paw to the Terrible Pickle, and he raised his weird little monkey paw right back at her, so I had a discussion with him about respecting his elders), and Jake seems to be enjoying watching them play. They’ve still got about three weeks ’til they’re old enough for spaying/ neutering/ rabies shots, so for now we get to just enjoy their antics.

PS: Rumor has it that Alice Mo was actually PLAYING with one of the Pickles (“a gray one,” Fred helpfully reports, so not Joe Pickle) Sunday afternoon!

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I see your ears, silly girl.

I tossed a toy in that bucket so that Thistle would jump in after it. She preferred not to jump in, and just check it out from the outside of the bucket. I bought that bucket on sale – $5, down from $30, I believe – at Target, with the hopes that the kittens would like to sleep in it. They don’t care for it at all, and if I put any of them into it, they hop right back out. I may bring it downstairs and put it in the guest room to see if the Pickles will use it.

Don’t feel bad for her sad, lonely, confused little face. She was just trying to decide which of her sisters to chase down and bite.

I love that her tail is sticking straight up.

Racing around like a crazy girl.

Thistle swiped, but Purslane was too fast!

And off went Purslane again, to bite poor Dandelion, who was minding her own business playing with a plastic strap.

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In the back yard: an Elwood, a Newt (off in the distance) and da Bird.

“You just watch THIS, lady.”


Got it!


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9-10-12 — 16 Comments

  1. HeeHee… “A gray one” πŸ™‚ To Fred’s credit, at least he is aware there are differences between the foster kittens. Brian will pass by the glass doors to our foster room and occasionally mention, “That one’s cute.” Which one? “I don’t know. It’s a kitten.” Conversation over.

    I don’t care if she’s faking it. Purslane can pull my heart-strings with that sad, forlorn little face. Good thing she doesn’t live here and I have monster brats who can’t fake such things πŸ˜‰

    • Fred also has a short memory when it comes to the fosters. Last night, he proclaimed that the Pickles were probably the best litter we’ve ever had, except for maybe the Bookworms. When I said “What about the Wonkas and the Cookies?”, he didn’t even remember who I was talking about. Really? A litter of blue-eyed Siamese mix kittens and you don’t remember them?! I guess there HAVE been a lot of them! πŸ™‚

  2. It may be Very, Very Wrong, but I can’t help applauding Petey’s “my bottom, my breakfast” move. And that is one beautiful portrait of Polly. But really, everyone is looking great today, not least action-star Elwood — that second photo is very Wild Kingdom!

    • This morning I lured him away with sunshine and his favorite “nursing” bed in the guest bedroom, then shut the door so I could have my breakfast in peace. πŸ™‚

  3. I think I mentioned that we got Da Bird. Maggie has figured out that if she catches the feather part and pulls hard enough, the wand sections pull apart, and she will go running down the hall with her “kill” in her mouth!

    Go Elwood!

      • Simba waits until no one’s looking and slinks down the back hallway with it. He only gets caught because the combination of metal pole and tile floor leads to a “ting-ting-ting” alarm system.

  4. Wow! Alice Mo playing with a kitten is big news! Is she still duking it out with Stinkerbelle or did they settle that one?

    And way to go, Ellie Bellie!!

    • I had actually forgotten that Stinkerbelle and Alice Mo had a bit of a feud going on – I haven’t seen them near each other lately, so if they’re hatin’, they’re doing it when I’m not around. πŸ™‚

  5. Petey’s insistance of sitting in your food made me think about the two kittens we got a couple months ago. Every time I clean the litter boxes they have to see what I’m doing. They climb in the boxes or sit on top (there’s a lid on each of them) and either try to sniff each and every scoop or they’ll actually do their business right then and there or swipe at the scoop or some variation of the three. I’ve figured out that if I wait to scoop while they’re having one of their meals (they’re fed on a schedule rather than free feeding) then I can usually get it done before they’re done. If they hoover their food down and finish before I do they come running to see what I’m doing and end up finding themselves locked in the bathroom or bedroom until I’m done. And then of course they howl their little heads off the whole time because oh my goodness they just can’t handle the separation! A few times while having to deal with the little devils I’ve wondered how you handle it having so many more around than me. Or if you’re just luckily and they stay away while cleaning, if so I’m sooo jealous.

  6. I love the pic of the Terrible Pickle on his heels. Is his belly still like a little bowling ball?