9-10-15 Thursday

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Belly Thursday!

Ambercup has a belly!

And Spitz has a belly (and big ol’ round one)!

Phelps has a belly, and he exposes it regularly.

Pattypan has a belly, and if you’re nice she might let you rub it.

Zuke has a belly, and he’s not afraid to flash it to the world.

Another look at Spitz’s belly, and yes. He does appear to have a touch of the loon!

And another look at Zuke’s belly.

Fred gets ready to huff Phelps’s belly, and Phelps just sleeps on.

Another glimpse of Ambercup’s belly.


Teeny tiny baby bellies.

Teeny tiny complaint.

As it turns out, these kittens are both boys, which made it so my intended names wouldn’t work. But that’s okay – I had some good ones in reserve.

Tomorrow, I’ll formally introduce these two!


Videos! First, a lap full of bitey kittens.

YouTube link.

And second: Phelps is an adorable little whiner who has a lot to say.

YouTube link.


Sheriff Mama’s not showing her belly today, and if you ask again, she’ll give you a ticket. NOW MOVE ALONG.


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9-10-15 Thursday — 18 Comments

    • I have trouble visualizing Fred doing that. Robyn, I feel certain, huffs kitten bellies with abandon! But Fred? Maybe he’s a stealth huffer.

  1. In the first shot of his adorably spotted belly, Zuke looks as if he’s expressing himself through interpretive dance.

  2. I LOVE Ambercup’s white knee socks! Actually, they’re more like thigh-highs…the little scamp!

  3. That first picture of Phelps shows the perfect privacy tail. Love Zuke’s spots. Love all the bellies, but a special love for Sheriff Mama not putting up with that belly-showing nonsense 🙂

  4. Zuke looks like he hurt something in that first shot.

    I love how they’re now one litter, the SWIMBUGS.

    Reading those old entries where Terry and Bill made you worry so much. So glad to know that they’re now fat and smug in loving homes.

      • Sorry to scare you! Jake is lonely since he can not find his snugglebud Tommy. So Dennis slipped in to a phone booth, pinned on his white cap, and emerged in a flurry as The Amazing Nurse Dennis! Able to leap small kittens in a single bound! Ready to serve as SnuggleBum-in-Chief! ON duty to serve truth and justice by soothing a sad Looney Jake. It is so good to see the two uncles looking after each other. They are quite a team, those two!

        • Geez, I assumed the worst after the summer that we’re having. It seems Stinkerbelle’s a mite cuddlier too.

          Want to hug them both.

  5. I am subbing for a high school Spanish teacher. Three of her classes are translating a story about a boy who wants a cat. He looks on Google and can’t find a cat in California, so he goes to see a boy in Boston who has a cat, but doesn’t have an extra cat. Then he goes to Atlanta and a girl there has an extra cat. It is so funny reading this, knowing how many cats are needing homes, and this one boy has to travel all over the country to find one extra cat!