9-11-15 Friday

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Is Fred a kitten belleh-huffin’ kind of guy?

He will occasionally partake of a little belleh-huffing, though I think he might deny it if you asked him, so shhhh. Don’t tell him that I outed him as a belleh huffer!


(sorry, unrelated to cats, but i need good vibes,good prayers send my way, need to score an interview next week to get out of my current S***** job)

I’ll rub a kitten belly and think good thoughts for you, Jess. Good luck!


I had a Crooked Acres dream yesterday!

(A little background first: on weekends, I work at a big box retail store, and one of my responsibilities is maintaining and fixing the self-checkout registers.)
So anyway, in the dream I saw you and Fred shopping in my store, and one of the Permanent Residents was with you (and by “with you,” I mean the cat was trotting along at your heels without a leash, like a dog might.) Since I’m terribly nearsighted, I couldn’t tell which cat it was, but I was certain it was one of yours.

At this point, the dream fast-forwards in time, and I find myself at the front of the store where the registers are. There is some commotion near the self-checkout area, and I walk over to investigate. You and Fred are scanning your purchases through the register, but the cat that came with you (who turns out to be Alice) is absolutely freaking out over something. She is in full-on adult cat floof-suit mode: her tail is straight out, fluffed up to its maximum; her eyes are dark, her ears are back, her mouth is open, her fangs are bared. Her paws are still on the ground, but you can tell that all her claws are extended. She is alternating between loud hisses and heart-stopping screeches. Some of my dumber coworkers walk up and tried to shoo her out of the building, but I hear you say, “Don’t touch her!” (Of course we all know why — anyone who approaches a cat in full battle-mode will draw back a bloody stump.)

Everyone is frozen in place, as we all look at Alice and try to figure out what is setting her off. She appears to be howling and hissing directly at one of my registers! On a hunch, I carefully walk past Alice and swing open the door of the register mechanism…to reveal a large angry rattlesnake! I jerk back, Alice lets out another loud hiss, and the snake advances on us. Just then, Fred strides forward in a casual manner and THWACKS the snake over the head with a shovel. Having dispatched the snake, Fred leans over to examine it, and says, “That would make a nice pair of boots.” He then scoops up the lifeless snake with his shovel, and ambles out of the store. In amazement, I look back at you and Alice. You’ve finished paying for your stuff, and you chirp, “See y’all later!” (as if all this is part of a normal day for you and Fred!) as you follow Fred and his snake prize out of the store…with Alice, restored to her calm, mellow self trotting after you.

(As I was typing this out, it occurred to me that it might be outside of Fred’s normal behavior to casually kill a poisonous snake. Also, Fred doesn’t seem like the boot type. Maybe it’s my Texas upbringing that’s coming out in this dream.)

So…thanks, Robyn, Fred, and Alice, for coming to my workplace and saving the day! πŸ™‚

It was totally our pleasure! πŸ˜‰ Fred is not actually a boot type – he prefers his sneakers – but, y’know, if the right snakeskin came along…! He’d kill a venomous snake if it was acting in a threatening manner, but if it was minding its own business, he’d leave it alone. He once killed a snake in the back yard of our previous house because he thought it was a copperhead, but then realized that it was a water snake, and felt REALLY bad about it.


How about the names of the two new kittens be Starsky & Hutch? Hope I spelled them right.

You did spell them right – but we’ve had a Starsky & Hutch. I can’t believe it’s been almost exactly five years!


OMG – the 2012 blog post – the pictures of Jake and Alice eating ham are hysterical!

Aren’t those AWESOME? These two are my particular favorites:


Have you seen Breaking Cat News? I thought you might like it.

I have – and I love it! I need to add it to the links list on the sidebar.


Speaking of looney – how is Looney Jake doing today? Is Nurse Dennis taking good care of him?

Loony Jake is doing just fine – Dennis has proven to be a real sweetheart when Jake needs some love. Archie pitches in from time to time, too. I would say that Jake is definitely getting the love he needs!


Calabash goes all floof-suit.

And Louganis took it as a challenge.

He never actually made contact with her – she flipped herself onto her back, he stood over her, and then she ran off. Silly girl.

Ambercup using the rope basket as a step to get into the little condo. That girl cracks me up.

I love this picture of Spitz so much. He’s such a pretty boy!

Ambercup. I love her whiskers.

Torres wishes I would STEP OFF with that camera.

I got the “tuna can” bed out of the closet. They checked it over.

Ambercup posed with it.

Torres sat in it for a little while.

Then they flipped it over, used it as a step, and completely ignored it from then on.


Okay, so. These baby kittens. Initially, I thought I was getting two girls, and I was thinking that I’d name them Laverne and Shirley.

The day we got them, Susan said she thought the brown tabby was a boy, so I thought I had a boy and a girl. I considered Gladys and Abner (Kravitz). But then I decided I’d rather go with Donny and Marie. (THE PAWSMONDS.) I LOVED Donny and Marie when I was a kid, and planned to marry Donny.

But then we found out that the kittens are actually two boys. Right now, Fred and I are working our way through the entire series of Breaking Bad for the third time. We LOVE that show.

So ladies and gentlemen, let me formally introduce to you…


And Skinny Pete.

They just didn’t strike me as Walter White and Jesse Pinkman kittens, but you better believe those names are being saved for future kittens.

Did you notice that Badger’s eyes are open, and Skinny Pete’s got one eye partly open? This is when (in my opinion) they start to get fun!

Skinny Pete (who has a great big belly, by the way) loves to roll around on his back in my lap and let me rub his belly.

Badger likes to eat, roam around my lap for a while, eat some more, and repeat.

Badger’s always got something to say.

And so does Skinny Pete!


Joe Bob’s not foolin’, y’all. He needs some kissin’!


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9-11-15 Friday — 22 Comments

  1. Beautiful pictures, delicious commentary, great names, and I’m so pleased to hear that Jake is getting some kitty lovin’. Kudos to Cousin (in this case) Dennis and to Archie.

  2. πŸ™‚ I know nothing about Breaking Bad but I did devoutly watch Laverne and Shirley growing up. When you said they weren’t girls, my next thought was how about the Hardy Boys (Frank and Joe) but then I figured you had already use those pretty vanilla names. Badger and Pete are cute names!

  3. When you say something, you get something.. and noms are awesome.

    love the dream.. way to go Dream Alice for being the hero!

    A belly rub for Jess, that job is in the bag!

    • That dream was one of many nightmares I had the night before a big exam (which I passed, yay!) My favorite bit was how calm Dream Robyn was through the whole thing — apparently my subconscious does not believe Real Life Robyn when she says she’s useless in an emergency!

  4. Not related to this post ata ll, but I am in need of some major good vibes. My 8 yr old grey tabby Monkey was protecting his house from a stray who was on our front porch. He shrieked, and lunged at the window and accidently popped the whole screen off and ended up outside with it. It was getting dark and it took me a minute to realize the screen was gone ( I came running into the dark room from across the house) i have no idea which direction he went in and have been up all night trying to find him. He is a special needs kitty in that he is terrified of people, loud noises and sometimes of his own shadow. He has nervous ticks and rippling skin and hides whenever anyone comes over. He is probably hunkered down scared somewhere but I am beside myself worrying about him and haven’t heard a peep out of him at all. I put out food, a litter box and a pillow and a blanket he likes on the front porch, hoping that if he is near he will sense it. Please say a little prayer to the kitty gods that my Monkey comes home safely. I feel just sick that he’s gone.

    • Leanne, I am sending prayers up for Monkey. If you haven’t already, I’d highly suggest putting a piece of clothing that smells like you out with the other stuff – something from the dirty clothes basket, preferably. I am keeping all my fingers crossed that he comes home soon – please let us know when he does!

      • Oh Leanne, I second that. And yes, put something out that has your scent from the clothes basket.

    • Good vibes and comforting thoughts sent to you from across the Pond, fingers crossed for Monkey’s quick return to you.

    • Oh Leanne I hope your Monkey gets home safe soon !!!! Good thoughts are definitely going your way right now !!

    • Borrow a humane trap – especially if you or someone in the neighborhood spots him in the area.

  5. I love that first pic of Badger. so roly-poly and adorable.

    Love seeing prior years. That ball of tadpoles always reminds me of a famous comedy sketch by Cook and Moore.

    I forgot how gorgeous Polo was, he’s got that dashing dark coloring and highwayman smile.

    And Bill! Always worrying you but he conquered the collar so good on him. Also love knowing that he’s now smug and happy in his forever home.

    Speaking of which, weren’t we promised a Norbie update?

  6. Love the new guys’ names! You can also add Lenny, Squiggy, Carmine, and Boo Boo Kitty to your future Laverne and Shirley list! πŸ™‚

  7. Would you look at the pudge on Badger, and the tum-tums on Skinny Pete! Eeeeeks!!

    Oh man, those Squash Bugs/Swimmers are just too funny! 8 little kittens racing around the room at high speed? You’re lucky you have all your toes left.