9-12-15 Weekly Roundup (and a little extra!)

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Weekly Instagram/Facebook Roundup!

Stefan will have you know that this month’s CatLadyBox is insanely AWESOME (and apparently there was even stuff IN the box that made the weird lady very very happy).

“Come out, toys! Come out and play!” Pattypan

Ambercup shows that toy just who the boss is.

“I was not sharpening my claws on your socks, and I resent the accusation. RESENT, I say.”

Torres has captured the elusive packing strap toy.

Kitten containment.

“Holy moley! There’s a whole world out there!” (Louganis)

“Make her wake up and play with me!” (Calabash & Ambercup)

Late night snack.

Sun Bath. (Pattypan)

Zuke and his amazing ears.

Bloop. (Pattypan)

Calabash in the sun. I love the spray of whiskers.

“Tryin’ to nap here, lady. Do you MIND?” (Torres)


If you need him, Archie will be in his box in the kitchen, feeling emo.

“Psst! Innernets! I gots a secret! I’d tell you what it is, but then it wouldn’t be a secret anymore!” (Spitz)

Is it just me, or does Calabash look strikingly like a possum in this picture?

Louganis is such a silly little goober.

One of us has eyeballs, and one of us prefers to continue regarding the world from behind closed eyes for a tiny bit longer.

Paws up, y’all. (Phelps)

Paws up, y’all. (Ambercup)

“They’re up! They’re up!” Paws up, y’all.

Zuke kissed a Phelps, and he liked it.

Paws up, ya’ll. (Spitz)

Phelps is the sleepingest sleeper who ever slept.

Haaaaave you met Badger and Skinny Pete?

At the housepanther watering hole. (Torres, Zuke, Phelps, Louganis)

Ambercup gets her CutieRest.


A little extra!

The best part of ordering canned food from Chewy.com: they use these incredibly sturdy kitten-sized boxes to protect the cans.

The boxes, however, do not protect kittens against melting in direct sunlight, so take that into account.


The newest addition to the kitten room – a wall tree! It needs a few small shelves added, so that the kittens can get to the top (and back down) more easily, but so far they’re loving it.

I’m thinking we should have made the window in the condo a little smaller, though. I just know one of the little muffinheads is going to jump out the window to the floor!

Pattypan prefers laying on the floor THANK YOU VERY MUCH.

::thlurrrp:: (Please note that Calabash is laying on top of Phelps. She’s such a nut.)


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9-12-15 Weekly Roundup (and a little extra!) — 13 Comments

  1. Does Spitz not like the camera? He seems to be in fewer pictures than the others and I think he is absolutely beautiful.

    • He tends to be the one who’s running like his butt is on fire, so pictures of him come out too blurry to use. I’ve redoubled my efforts to get some good pictures of him, though, so hopefully I’ll have more to share soon! 🙂

  2. Every morning so far this month I’ve been waking up, staggering to the bathroom and then giggling because the first thing that I see is your calendar with Stephan’s goofy mug, giving you the squint eyes of lurve and wearing a tiny little chef hat. I’m tickled that his happy little face was the first thing I saw on the post too.

    Also, is that Spitz’s back foot photobombing the “I’m sleepin go away” picture? Because ::melt::.

  3. Love that wall tree, and it looks sturdy enough to last through batches and batches of kitteh baking! If there’s one thing for certain, monkey-kittehs LOVE to climb! 🙂

  4. Do the Marshmallow Heads know how lucky they are?! How friggin’ cool is that shelf tree??!

    Ah yes… I see you have a case of “Toys Under Cupboards” in your home too. (Behind Stefan (who I love, just sayin’) on the floor). How does that happen, and does everyone get an invasion of those?

  5. I Heart Calabash! She is so funny! All the babies are adorable! Your permanent residents are amazing, too 😀

  6. “I just know one of the little muffinheads is going to jump out the window to the floor!”

    I would like to nominate “Muffinhead” as a possible surname for a batch of kittens in the future. Poppyseed, Blueberry, Bran, Buttermilk, Pumpkin, Cornbread…