9-14-15 Monday

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It’s been 9 years since I got my very first bottle baby, Maddy. One day I’ll go through and count up all the bottle babies I’ve had. Maybe I’ll do that for Thursday’s post!


Spitz. Isn’t he just the prettiest little guy?

Phelps. Whoever adopts this guy is going to get a SERIOUS lapcat. All the kittens love sitting in my lap and being snuggled, but Phelps is on a level all his own. What a lovah.

Spitz looks a little loony here, doesn’t he?

I love how Pattypan’s laying – her front end is concentrating on killing that toy, and her back end is all “Paws up, y’all!”

Calabash gets her flirt on.

Spitz is a big fan of the track toy.

I love how Pattypan, Calabash and Ambercup are all watching him closely to see how he’s doing it.

::hop!:: (Zuke)

Poor unsuspecting Calabash doesn’t know she’s about to lose that foot to the jaws o’ Pattypan.

Spitz reflects that someone desperately needs to clean that mirror.

So, the Squash Bugs (Pattypan, Calabash, Ambercup and Zuke) got their first vaccinations Friday night. This means that the countdown has begun. In about three weeks they’ll be spayed/neutered, get their last vaccinations, id chips, and rabies shots, and then they’ll be headed off to Petsmart (assuming there’s space for them). No one has expressed serious interest in adopting any of them, but if you’re out there and interested, the clock’s a-ticking.

The Swimmers (Louganis, Torres, Phelps and Spitz) are about a week and a half behind, so the same goes for them.


Look at that belly! (Badger)


Skinny Pete (who adores a belly rub) shows off his fearsome claws.

Badger, saving some for later.

I know it’s super blurry, but I don’t care. I love this picture so much!

“Who, me? About to go motoring right off the side of your lap? Well, I might. Or I might not. You better keep hold of me, just in case!”

Badger and Skinny Pete are open-eyed and ready to rumble. I moved them from the carrier they were in, into the crate I used for Lucy and the Fools. Naturally, they spend all their time at the front of the crate, on top of or next to each other. I usually have to wake them up to feed them, and they wake immediately, are starving to death, then once they’ve eaten and pottied, they get some snuggling, some toddling-around, some belly rubs, and back they go. They’re awfully cute at this age! (Okay, okay. They’re awfully cute at every age!)


Videos! In the first, Phelps has a sleepy (Ambercup makes a loud and demanding appearance in the second section, because that’s how she rolls).

YouTube link.

And in the second, there’s a TON of skitterbugging and sideways hops. Those kittens crack me UP.

YouTube link.


Jake, simultaneously loony, scheming, and very pleased with himself. He’s a multi-tasker!


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9-14-15 Monday — 10 Comments

  1. Jakey does look like he’s scheming…Does he know he has a Mini-Me in the foster room?!

    How did these babies grow up so fast??

    Skinny Pete is killing me with his bed-head. What is he thlurrpping at?

  2. Fosters are so judgemental. Always reflecting on how your windows and mirrors need to be cleaned. But do they ever lend a paw? Noooooo! Of course not. Typical.

  3. Badger is going to be one gorgeous gal! And Skinny Pete has a black-bear look! Do you think that bottle-fed baby cats grow up to be more affectionate? I’ve never bottle-fed one entirely, though I did “help” one kitten a bit with the bottle, but mama still nursed her too. That kitten (named Kitten!) turned out to be the LARGEST cat I ever had, plus she was very affectionate too. Just curious about your opinion.

  4. Awwwww! I could watch sleepy and skittering kittens all day!
    Would love a side-by-side Jake and Spitz comparison for the looniness quotient…. We know it’s there, of course.

  5. I would kill to have Zuke, but since I’ve been riffed, this isn’t a good time to get another mouth in the house.

  6. That blurry picture of Badger…at his age, isn’t his view of YOU blurry?
    So when you look at that picture, you’re seeing how he sees you! I think that’s really cool.

  7. are you over there hypnotizing kittens?!?! (I love doing that.. I love it when I have kittens that are very susceptible.)

    jaws o’ Pattypan totally made me giggle, because I didn’t see it the first go round. I saw the caption and had to go back and look at the photo