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First, a couple of videos.

The Peppers learn that getting up on that stool can be dangerous to their well-being (well, the boy Peppers learn it, anyway).

YouTube link

And The Peppers run around like the wild things they are.

YouTube link

And as a bonus, here’s a video of Buster from 11 months ago. He still does that thing where he rubs up against one leg and then the other when you’re trying to go somewhere.

YouTube link

Here he is in November, helping Starsky keep clean:

YouTube link

I need to get some updated footage of Buster, obviously!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The big Peppers are still enjoying having their room to roam. They spend more time in my room than in the foster room now, and when I go upstairs to hang out with them, I lay down on the bed and they climb around on me and flop down in front of me for a belly rub. I sure do love them at this age!

2011-09-14 (9)
“I have had enough of your picture-taking shenanigans, lady. PET ME.”

2011-09-14 (8)
Sally likes to hang out between the two stacks of pillows, with her toy.

2011-09-14 (7)
Molly gives me the eyes of “If you take one more picture, I’ma cut you.”

2011-09-14 (6)
This picture does a pretty good job of showing the gorgeous orangey-brown shade of Everett’s eyes.

2011-09-14 (5)
Lucy and Harlan, snuggling in the dog bed. That’s where Tommy sleeps at night!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The little Peppers are continuing to do well. I imagine in the next few days we’ll be moving them to the guest bedroom so they really have room to run.

Charlie actually meowed at me last night, for the first time! They both purr as soon as I touch them, but I’d sure like to hear a meow or a chirrup from Patty, too.

2011-09-14 (4)
Patty Peppers keeps an eye on her brudder.

2011-09-14 (3)
Isn’t he a pretty little thing? Now when I go to hang out with them, he climbs right into my lap.

2011-09-14 (2)
More Patty. I love the green-blue of her eyes. Too bad they won’t stay that color.

2011-09-14 (1)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Because I know you’re dying for more Buster!

2011-09-15 (4)
All the Bookworms have the most beautiful green eyes.

Sweet boy.

2011-09-15 (3)
Checkin’ out the toys.

2011-09-15 (1)
Did I mention pretty? I’d say Corbie has some competition, but they can be tied for the most beautiful cat at Crooked Acres, I’m okay with that!

2011-09-15 (2)
He’s certainly not long and lanky like he was when he left us. He and Corbie are like the brown tabby versions of Jake and Elwood!


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9-14-11 — 20 Comments

  1. Ouch! Poor Harlan! I betcha he acted like absolutely nothing happened, right? I loved all the videos and the new photos of the littlest Peppers. Patty is looking a lot less like a ragamuffin and a lot more like a healthy kitten. Good job!

    Keep the videos and photos coming!

  2. Oh please please may I have all of the Peppers Gang – Charlie and Patty included. I’m completely besotted. How utterly adorable!!

    Buster – beautiful Buster!!! You are so HOME!! Take care

  3. Thank you for the videos! I think I would have ran over and kissed the boo-boos when they fell off the stool!

  4. I really hope that you have Charlie & Patty Peppers adopted out together. They seem really emotionally attached to one another.

  5. Hi Robyn! I’ve been lurking since the day the McMaos were born – the post came up on my mom’s Google Reader, she sent it out to my sisters and me, and I’ve read every post since. While I love them ALL, I think Miz Poo is my favorite of your cats – my Quinn is a tortie, too, so I’m probably biased. I just wanted to let you know that during Hurricane Irene, when we lost power (I’m in NJ), I started reading Fred’s book on my Kindle. I finished it this past weekend, and I really enjoyed it! Tell Fred to keep writing!

  6. Oh Buster is so beautiful. His little splotchy face is adorable. I remember both of those videos from last year. So glad he is back home.

    Peppers 2.0 are starting to really look like well-cared-for Crooked Acres kittehs. I’m so thankful they’ll have a chance to flourish.

    The big Peppers have so much energy. 8-|
    I hope they are adopted out quickly. I always worry about black cats, but seriously, how could anyone resist them??

  7. The brown tabby versions of Jake and Elwood…I so see that! (Especially with that profile picture of Buster’s *ample* belly!)

    Have I said lately how much I love silly black (and tabby) kitty cats?? 🙂

  8. Everett looks like a greeting card for Halloween. Such a gorgeous kitty figure and amazing pumpkin eyes!

  9. I had the same reaction as you to the yellow stool situation- funny that two of them managed the same “tail over tea-kettle” move though!

    Will you be able to put the black Peppers kittens up for adoption around Halloween? I’ve heard (but never confirmed) that shelters around me do not adopt out black cats in October in fear that they will be abused or used in satanic rituals or something. But maybe that’s just a local rumor? (I do live in the Salem MA area…)

    • Sadly, most shelters around the country put a temporary hold on adopting out black cats for just that reason. It’s usually about a week.

      Don’t want to close on a down note, so can I say how impressed I am by the progress Charlie and Patty have made this week? They look so much better now with some Crooked Acres care! Glad they are on their way to healthy and happy kittenhoods. I am absolutely besotted with them – yes, they must be adopted together…and if only I could get my 17 year old cat’s approval, their home would be here.

      Welcome home, Buster!

    • Unfortunately, I’ve seen news stories here in South Carolina about keeping your black cats inside around Halloween, and that the shelters are very leery of people asking for black cats at that time of the year. My sweet Baal and Bast were indoor anyway, but I would have kept them (and any Tuxies) in if they had been outdoor cats. People can still be stupid and superstitious about black cats.

  10. So cute watching the big Peppers! My tabby boy was on my lap the first time I watched it and he was SO unconcerned cos he was NEVER a kitten and they are SO beneath his notice (unless they came on HIS territory and he would SO teach them a lesson!)
    And Buster washing Starsky; you know he was always after a permanent job, don’t you?
    And Robyn, how do you ever get anything done with a succession of kittens to watch; when we had our lad as a kitten we couldn’t do anything until he was asleep!

  11. Yay, Patty Peppers has two healthy looking eyes now! They look so much better!!

    LOL, oh, you meant STOOL, as in – something to sit on. I have to admit for a sec there…

  12. Our mommy voted for Gracie. She likes her smile and clean toofies, too! We loved the video of Buster cleaning Starsky. Does he love kitties in general?

  13. Yay! for the Peppers 2.0 looking and acting more and more healthy! 🙂

    AWWWW, in the walking with Buster video, you can hear Buster’s squeakity chirpy little purr! I nearly melted.

  14. Guilty laughter at the clumsiness of the kittens trying to leap off the stool.

    I first read “Yellow Stool is Dangerous” and thought it was going to be a post about diarrhea!

  15. I already don’t want Charlie and Patty to leave. They have to go together when they do. (I won’t suggest that they become permanent residents….)