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Sights (and sounds!) from around Crooked Acres.

2011-09-15 (1)
The watermelon plants keep putting out flowers, but I think we’ve gotten all the watermelons we’re going to get.

2011-09-15 (2)
The Bhut Jolokia (Ghost) peppers are really coming in now. I think the jalapenos are just about played out, though.

2011-09-15 (3)
Annnnd the Tabascos are starting to come in, finally.

2011-09-15 (4)
“Me? Just sitting on these here eggs. You?”

2011-09-15 (5)
Taking a short break from sitting on the nest.

2011-09-15 (6)
Mama hen and her babies. There are five of them, because the one thing we need around here is more chickens.

2011-09-15 (7)
The ducks are doing well. They’re starting to feather in (see the speckled brown feathers around their wings?)

2011-09-15 (8)
I love how they always look like they’re smiling.

2011-09-15 (9)
All four ducks in a row. Notice that two of them have white rings on the backs of their necks and two don’t? I’m hoping that means we have two males and two females.

2011-09-15 (10)

2011-09-15 (11)

2011-09-15 (12)
Such pretty little things, no?

2011-09-15 (13)

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2011-09-15 (20)
Giving me the side eyes.

2011-09-15 (14)
Always alert to the possibility that I might have cookies.

2011-09-15 (15)
Hangin’ in the wallow.

2011-09-15 (16)
Sitting down for a bite to eat.

2011-09-15 (17)
“Know what would hit the spot? A cookie. Be a dear and rustle one up for me, would you?”

2011-09-15 (18)
“You has a cookie for me?”

2011-09-15 (19)
“…or perhaps TWO?”

Perhaps you’ve learned that pigs like cookies?

They also like to play and be sprayed with the hose.

2011-09-15 (21)

2011-09-15 (22)
The chickens’ maternity yard appears to have a mascot. (I’m assuming it’s the same frog in both pictures. They LOOK the same to me, anyway.)

2011-09-15 (23)
Happy George.

2011-09-15 (24)
Watching the ducks.

2011-09-15 (25)
Gracie (front) and George keep an eye on the chickens.

2011-09-15 (26)

2011-09-15 (27)
George loves the smell of acorns in the morning.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

2011-09-15 (28)
We put Charlie and Patty Peppers in the guest bedroom yesterday, and they were up on the cat tree in no time flat.

2011-09-15 (29)
Patty watched Charlie fling himself off the cat tree to the floor, and she was amazed.

2011-09-15 (30)
Charlie tried out the scratching post.

2011-09-15 (31)
And they played for a while before curling up and napping – Charlie on the cat tree, Patty in a cat bed on the bed.

I think they’re going to be okay. They’re starting to act like real kittens!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

2011-09-15 (33)

2011-09-15 (34)
Four of the Peppers were sleeping in that cat bed at the end of my bed. Harlan decided to be different and sleep in the cat bed on the chair. (That yellow thing on the bed is a back scratcher I had been waving around in the air in a vain attempt to get them to look at me.)

2011-09-15 (35)
Sally and Lucy like to hang out in the Ham-mick and bunny kick each other.

2011-09-15 (36)
Everett’s checking the cleanliness of my bathtub.

2011-09-15 (32)
Harlan and Lucy snuggle up for a nap.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

2011-09-15 (37)

2011-09-15 (38)

2011-09-15 (40)
Buster and Elwood in the back yard.

2011-09-15 (39)
Buster Brown gets around.


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9-15-11 — 23 Comments

  1. Great pics today,lovely ducks and sweet chicks, dogs and kitty’s looking good and piggies are so adorable. How can you eat them??
    I am vegetarian and one of the things that made me give up meat was the intelligence and cuteness of pigs!

  2. Oh I love where you live! I love how all your chickens, piggies, duckies, George and Gracie, all your fosters and Permanent residents and plants are looked after and taken care of!! Love, love, love it!!!! So great to see Buster and Ellwood bonding!! And Charlie and Patty coming out of their shells and being kitties!! Yay!!!

    I wish that all animals consumed by people – every single one of them – are treated with respect and care and have a great life first like they do at Crooked Acres.

    Animal factory farming is beyond cruel.

    Take care

  3. Hi Robyn! Love the duckies they are very cute! I can’t wait to see what they’ll look like as adults. Question about the piggies — how old are they and how much bigger will they get?

    Love that Buster is back where he belongs — how is he doing with Corbie?

  4. I can’t decide which of your critters is my favorite! Big fat broody hen, baby chickies, baby duckies, big ol’ piggies, big ol’ smilin’ fuzzybutted goggies, babeh kittehs, or big fat boy kittehs. Swoon. I love them all.

  5. Love the happy animals! The ducks are so cute and really growing. Buster looks like he has always been there.

  6. Have you ever had anycat bit you or bunnykick you in your (and their) sleep? We’ve only got 5 cats, and only one sleeps curled up in my side, usually with my arm around her. One night I woke up to a searing pain in my finger. She had bunnykicked me really hard. I had a gash from the top of my finger to the bottom. Last night I woke up to a searing pain in my thumb. She’d apparently BITTEN me pretty badly. I’m certain she did it in her sleep, as, even if I’d been smothering her or otherwise annoying her, if she’d been awake when she did this, she’d have run away, because no matter what, they are not allowed to hurt us. Even if they accidentally catch a claw on us during play, they run away, because they know hurting a human is not allowed. So, since both times, she was still laying where she was after doing this I’m certain she did it in her sleep. Must be some really bad dreams. 🙁 Has anything like this happened to you?

    • Please be safe and see your doctor asap — if the bite is bad, you’ll need to go on antibiotics. I was bitten once at the vet’s so know from experience. Meanwhile, Robyn, everyone is looking so happy, and I haven’t even watches the vids yet. Love the juxtaposition of peppers and Peppers. So Buster and Ellie Belly are starting a big boys’ club, eh? CUTE! Re yesterday’s post, has Molly officially assumed Ciara’s “I’m a cut you” mantle, or is she still trying out for the role?

  7. It looks like Elwood and Buster are becoming friends – or at least like Buster wants to be friends with Elwood!

    I’m so happy Charlie and Patty are getting better – they even look like “real kittens” now!

  8. Wow! Charlie and Patty are already looking SO much better than those first pictures you posted! Robyn, you are a miracle worker with kittehs. I showed the pictures to my husband and we both about burst into tears to see their poor condition. I told him that now that they are in your care they will be happy and healthy in no time! You are my hero!!

  9. After watching videos of people eating ghost chilies on youtube I wouldn’t go near that bowl without a hazmat suit. That looks like enough ghost chilies to kill a small village! I pity the opossum or squirrel that takes a bite out of one.
    Fred must be a real tough customer when it comes to spicy food.

    • No, I’m still seeing it – is it not showing up for you at all?? She definitely hasn’t been brought back!

      • It doesn’t show up on my work computer, but this morning looking at it on my BlackBerry it was there. Well, OK, phew.

  10. Aw, little Patty really does look amazed that Charlie could make such a jump. Sweet.
    And Buster and Elwood look like they are having a real heart to heart; looks like Buster’s going, “and then, I came into the room and…” and the bathtub shot of Everett looks kike he was doing a stand-up pee! Funny. What’s in the water with the ducks? the round loopy things? looks kinda like a breakfast cereal we have here called ‘fruit loops’. And Beccity, yeah, my cats have kicked me in their sleep and when I’ve been rolling around too much and annoying them. How inconsiderate am I?

  11. Awww… I just love how happy all your animals look!
    I too am a vegetarian, but I would be at peace with a world full of meat-lovers if all animals were raised like yours… Happy piggies wallowing in muds, eating cookies and racing each other… chickens pecking, walking around and given a chance to hatch some babies… dogs with huge smiles and of course tons of happy cats. Your place is a haven on Earth.

    So yes, one day, if I have chickens they will die of old age, but if all chickens raised for their meat and eggs were treated like yours, this world would be a much better place. So inspiring.