9-15-05 – Rambo & Jodie.


So, I took the kittens to the pet store yesterday. Since my car’s in the shop, I dropped Fred off at his second-favorite mountain (hill) to go hiking, then stopped by the vet’s to get rabies shots for the kittens, and then set up their cage, put plenty of toys in there for them, and filled out the cards that go on their cage.

Rambo was okay – he’s always been more independent than Jodie – but Jodie was very scared. After I’d gotten their card filled out and hung on their cage, I opened the cage door to pet and comfort her, and she climbed up onto me, making sad little whining noises. I stayed as long as I could, but I had to get going, since Fred finished his hike before I was even out of the pet store, and I had to actually pull poor Jodie off me and put her back in the cage.

Break my heart, why don’tcha?

It was a little easier leaving them than it was when I left the previous batch, because I knew I was covering for the Thursday morning volunteer and that I’d see them this morning.

I went in this morning and Jodie was sitting in the litter box, looking scared.


I opened the cage and talked to both of them. Jodie came over and made sad little whining noises at me, looking just as scared as she could be. I put Rambo down on the floor to look around, but Jodie didn’t want to leave the cage, so I left her in there, and went back frequently to talk to her and pet her.

Eventually she was willing to come out of the cage, and I let Giles out of his cage. Giles wanted to play, but Jodie was having none of that, just hissed and smacked at him. Giles is such a sweetheart that he backed right off to the other end of the room and just watched her, occasionally coming close to see if she wanted to play, but backing off when she hissed.

By the time I left the petstore after an hour and a half, Jodie and Rambo were both ignoring me and playing with the toys I’d left in their cage.

I think they’re going to be okay. Once they get accustomed to being in the cage, they’ll relax enough to be their cute little charming selves. I bet they’ll be adopted by Monday.

Jodie’s not sure she cares for this.

Jodie insists on cleanliness in everyone around her.

This is possibly my favorite Rambo yawn picture.


It sure is quiet around here today.

* * *

Miz Poo does not miss those kittens one teeny tiny bit.

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