9-15-09 – True Blood 6.

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So, on Saturday morning when I went in to give the True Blood 6 their morning snack and shoot antibiotics down the throats of some of them and ointment in the eyes of most of them, I noticed something odd was going on with Sam’s right eye. Basically, his eyelip had peeled off and was hanging there by a stitch. There was no blood and what was left where the eyelip had been looked pretty good, actually. It being Saturday, I couldn’t take him to the vet, so I just smeared ointment on the part where the eyelip had been and shot worried looks at it for the rest of the weekend.

Yesterday morning, I called the clinic and made an appointment for late afternoon to bring Sam in, as well as Lafayette and Hoyt. Both their eyelips are looking pretty ugly right now, like they want to peel away, and I wanted her to take a look and see what was going on.

In the morning, though, I put all six of them in carriers and took them up to the shelter so they could get their vaccinations.

(Jake and Elwood investigate the carriers to make sure they’re secure.)

They handled it fairly well (except for Lafayette, who always fights everything. He’s always the hardest to medicate, and as for putting the ointment in his eyes – boy, he REALLY fights that. He sure is a sweet boy otherwise, though!) and soon enough we were home again.

I let them out of their carriers, and they all went and ate and drank a little, and when I checked on them about ten minutes later, they were all napping. As it turned out, the vaccinations they’d received really knocked them for a loop, and they napped all afternoon long.

At 3:30 I put Hoyt, Lafayette, and Sam in one carrier and headed for the vet. They slept the entire way.

Basically, most of the eyelip graft on Sam’s right eye took. Once she clipped the dangling eyelip away (it was literally only hanging there by a stitch, so it didn’t hurt him), we could see underneath, and it looked really good. She thinks that, ultimately, all their eyelips will slough off, leaving healthy tissue behind. Hopefully all their grafts will take underneath, because that’s really the important part, the part that’s actually touching their eyes. If need be, skin can be pulled down to make their eyelids look right.

She checked both Hoyt and Lafayette, and said that both their grafts are vascularizing and look okay (they’re ugly, but like she said – they’re going to get ugly before they get pretty!), so we’re going to leave them alone.

As always, it was good to hear that all is well and I don’t need to worry!

At home, once I let the three of them out of their carrier, all six of them piled up to sleep. They were uninterested in their evening snack, and spent most of the evening sleeping, as well.

This morning? Back to normal, completely. It’s amazing how quickly they bounce back, isn’t it?

Hoyt and Sookie.

Hoyt (left), Lafayette (right), and Bill (background).

Sam thinks the carrier’s a great spot for napping. He hasn’t developed fear of the carrier yet.

Sookie, napping hard.

Snoozin’ Lafayette.


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  1. So glad everyone is feeling and doing so well! They are all so sweet and have been through so much in their short little lives. They are real troopers!

  2. I have a cat who’s 7 and still hasn’t developed a fear of the carrier. I took it out last night and he went and laid down in it right away. Whereas the other cat (the poor guy with all the medical problems who’s at the vet just about every other month) saw it and ran to the bedroom to one of his favorite hiding places, under the bed. Even after he realized it was safe to come out he still gave the carrier a wide berth!

    The kittens are so adorable! It’s too bad I’m all the way in California and can’t adopt one of them. 😉

  3. Ok, first I am so impressed that you stayed so calm with the eyelip only on by a stitch – I would have totally freaked out. I am glad to hear that it should be ok and will be normal for parts to detach like that.

    The pictures are adorable as always – and I am not surprised the carrier is popular with Sam – I bet he goes in there for some peace and quiet – if the others don’t like it there then they don’t bug him. I bet they all need a little break once in a while.

  4. I also got a lovely note from you. Thanks for thinking of me. I got a lovely note also from Challenger House addressed to Dawn. My name is Gerri. So Dawn, wherever, here’s back at you.
    I love, lovem love these kittens. Your posts are the first things I read in the morning.
    How about some pics of your house cats sometime. Liked Jake and Elwood.

  5. Just love seeing the photos of these little darlin’s. It’s good to hear that their eyelips seem to be taking, we’re with you that we’d be worried to see things hanging but as long as the vet thinks it’s normal/okay, then we guess that’s what counts!

    Such adorable little babies…

    Purrs and hugs,
    The Kitty Krew

  6. Oh that bit about the dangling eyelip made me read the rest of it with my eyes half-closed…so glad that it wasn’t anything serious and that the little ones are all doing well…can’t wait until their eyes are all healed so all us worrywarts can relax a bit 😉

  7. What Amy said! Robyn, you’re a trooper! So glad the eyelips are, and should be, OK.

    What a roller coaster you’ve had! These precious bundles are so lucky to have an eagle eyed worrywort for a mom!


  8. Sookie naps like a professional!

    So good to hear that Sam’s eyelip is OK, and that he had some good eyelip under what peeled off.

    You deserve an award for how well you’re taking care of these babies!

  9. Seriously, how are you going to manage giving them up? My first litter of foster kittens had serious health issues, and long story short two of them are now permanent residents. After all the drama, I couldn’t beat to let them go.

    Fortunately, I’ve toughened up a bit since, but these True Bloods I’d have a serious problem letting go. Will you have a say in who gets to adopt?