9-15-15 Tuesday

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Zuke’s getting almost too big for that basket!

Calabash thinks Fred makes a comfy bed.

Pattypan has herself a complaint.

Pretty, pretty Torres.


Phelps and Ambercup practice their synchronized sleeping.

Wahhhhhh. He’s da BAYBEE!

Ambercup with the crazy eyes (and my fingers).

Sun bathing in the foster room (Torres on the left, Spitz upside down).

And this is what Spitz looks like right-side-up, in case you’d forgotten.

Torres takes a little time away from her siblings.

Zuke is a BIG fan of the Cat Selfie app, if you hadn’t heard.


Badger goes explorin’.

“Less picture-takin’, more belly-rubbin’, lady!”

Badger considers his next move.

Oh, hey. Remember how I have 10 fosters and 50% of them are house panthers?

Well, the balance just shifted.

Meet Combo.

Combo is a boy, but more interestingly Combo is Skinny Pete and Badger’s brother. He was found at the same place they were. That boy has got some SERIOUS lungs on him, and when he arrived he had A VERY LOT TO SAY HELLO HI I AM MOST DISPLEASED WITH THE SERVICE, YO. But once I got him warmed up and fed (I syringe fed him at first, but by feeding #3 he’d figured out how to latch onto the bottle) and put him in with his brothers, he calmed down and went to sleep.

Badger and Skinny Pete didn’t seem to notice him at first, and then they were kind of confused, and then (in the way of 2 week old kittens) they shrugged and snuggled up with him.

(By the way, Combo got his name from Breaking Bad also.)

So now we have 10 permanent residents in this house, and 11 fosters. We are AT CAPACITY.



YouTube link.


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9-15-15 Tuesday — 44 Comments

  1. So many delicious little kittens! I would be snorgling, huffing and nubbin-nibbling around the clock. Do you think Badger, Skinny Pete and Combo will get to mingle with the SwimBugs?

    • I don’t think so, unfortunately – when the older kittens go off to Petsmart, the little ones will still be too little to be tested, and I wouldn’t expose them to the older ones, just in case. I’m sure (I hope!) they’re healthy, but I don’t want to take the chance (but wouldn’t it be fun to see the older kittens’ reactions?)

  2. I find this incredibly exciting! THREE litters, all of which came to you as bottle babies! It must be so much fun at your house right now and I can’t wait to see what happens next!

    I’m reallllllly NOT looking forward to the Squashlings heading off to Petsmart, though πŸ™

  3. So glad Combo got saved with the others. So many little bugs running around. It’s great!!

  4. You know that every time you say you are “AT CAPACITY” the universe immediately sends you another cat, right?

    How long has it been since the fosters outnumbered the permanents? You are certainly honoring the memory of those who have crossed to the Bridge by caring for so many teenies.

    • That’s a good question, and I don’t know! One day, when I get time, I’ll look back and see if I can figure out when/if we’ve had more fosters than permanent residents.

      • If you apply the math using that criteria, that means at one point you had 34 CATS(!!) (10 Permanent Residents + 3(8 bottle feeders)= 34).

        But now that the Breaking Bad kittens have joined, let’s see — assuming non-bottle-fed kittens equal adult cats in terms of maintenance — that’s 27 CATS. Wow…just wow!

  5. I keep wondering if Combo’s a cheese or pizza flavor.

    Teughcats is right, this is a wonderful thing, taking care of so many babies and giving them a good start in life.

  6. Oh Robyn. What I wouldn’t give to be able to spend a few hours with all those fur babies.

    My Monkey is still not home. I have spent days searching for him, and am at my wits end.

    A neighbourhood kid-who fancies himself an investigator swears that he has seen Monkey in his yard and treehouse. I gave him my sweatshirt and some food to put out for him, and camped out in the woods around his treehouse, thinking that if only Monkey could hear me calling him, that I would be able to capture him and bring him home.

    As of yesterday morning, no sign of Monkey. I walked through the wooded area and realized I was being followed. A small Siamese/Tabby mix was quite talkative, and after some coaxing, wolfed down the bowl of kibble I had brought with me. He let me pet him a few times, but was kind of skittish.

    I rented a live trap, and set it up with some sardines and tuna, covered it with leaves/burlap and on my way back home, came across the kitty from the morning, who was curled up sleeping in the sun. As soon as he heard me he began to talk, and I sat down and watched him sleep the afternoon away. Before I left I let him have the rest of the sardines/tuna, which he wolfed down.

    In the evening I went back to check the trap, but it was empty. I went home and was sitting on the couch at dusk when I saw something outside. The little kitty had followed me home to my house and was outside in my driveway crying. I fed hm another bowl of kibble, and at one point just picked him up and tried to hold him close, but he was having none of that, and wandered off.

    This morning he was waiting for me across the street and after checking and finding the trap empty, I gave him the food that was in it. He seems to always be hungry, but it makes me feel good to at least be able to provide for him, and I hope and pray that someone is being as loving to my Monkey wherever he is.

    Tonight I am going to ask if I can put my trap in the treehouse and see if I can get Monkey home. I am worried that this other cat may be the one the kid saw, but haven’t been able to find him to ask him.

    So please keep thinking of my dear Monkey, and that he comes safely home.

    I came to work today, the first day since he disappeared Thursday night, and am finding it extremely hard not to melt down in a puddle of tears. I have no clients booked this morning, so my head and heart are heavy with anxiety.

    Your baby kitties are adorable and made me smile. πŸ™‚

    • I hope you find Monkey. Maybe you should also capture the Siamese/Tabby mix and see if he has owners or find a foster home for him.

      Re kittens and their boxes. I wonder if they can figure out why the baskets keep shrinking πŸ˜‰

      • I am working on getting him to trust me more, so that I can get a hold of him and see if he is microchipped and maybe find his owner.

      • my kitty Twee wondered why my chest was shrinking. there was a few weeks when she would come to cuddle and realized she didn’t fit as well as she used to, and she looked at my chest then looked at me, and tried again, and looked at my chest again and looked at me, and tried again and failed again and made due. It was a little heartbreaking.

    • Leanne, I hope so much that Monkey comes home soon. Thank you for letting us know what’s going on – and I know you’re in our thoughts and prayers!

    • Hugs to you, Leanne, and prayers that Monkey comes home soon. Meanwhile, you are making a world of difference for that little kitty!

    • If it provides any hope, please know that a friend of mine had her cat get out of the house, and they couldn’t find her anywhere. They tried traps and everything. 6 weeks later, after they’d given up hope, the cat showed up at their back door. Hoping Monkey makes his way home much sooner than that.

  7. Oh, Robyn, Robyn, Robyn, when are you going to learn not to say such things, “We are AT CAPACITY?”

  8. Pattypan has herself a complaint: there are far too many kittens in this room, we need to run around the entire house, thankyouverymuch!

    • She’s got a heck of a meow, that one — it’s the sort of meow I associate with someone’s tail being stepped on accidentally, not a “pet me now” meow!

    • That’s a good question, and I don’t know! I think Russian Blues usually have really bright green eyes, don’t they? Spitz’s are more of a gray, at least at the moment. That could change, though, I know.