9-16-15 Wednesday

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Spitz, atop the scratcher. Would you LOOK at the size of that back foot? He’s going to be a big boy.

Torres really likes to sit in the condo of the wall tree and look out the “window.”

I really need to cover the wires on those window beds; the kittens (Phelps, in this picture) really like to chew on them.

Zuke in the sun (watching Phelps). Isn’t he a pretty boy?

Louganis in one of the many beds in the foster room.

It’s possible I got out the feather teaser.

I love it when they swing at the feather teaser when it’s nowhere near them.

Zuke’s all “Come on down, feather teaser! We’ll only chew on you a little bit!”

7 out of 8, present and accounted for! (Zuke’s the missing kitten.)

There’s Zuke. Well, his back legs and tail, at least. I love how Torres (pink collar) is sitting there with her paw on Ambercup’s face.

Phelps retreated to the scratcher to see if he could reach the feather teaser that way.

Sunday morning, Fred started suggesting that we let the Squash Bugs and the Swimmers out of the foster room, and let them have the run of the upstairs. I hemmed and hawed, and honestly would have preferred to wait another week, but I gave in pretty easily. I figured they were all big enough to make their way back to the foster room for food and water or the litter box and the screen door was already up at the bottom of the stairs, so why not?

Unlike previous kittens who come out the first day, explore every inch of the upstairs, and then are so overwhelmed that they stay in the foster room for the next several days, these guys have really taken to having their freedom. They spend all their time either running up and down the hallway or piled up on Fred’s bed. I haven’t had any problems getting them back into their room at bedtime (YET), and I have begun their all-important naptime training.

I haven’t gotten many pictures of them out of the foster room yet, because when they see me coming they run over to me. I’m going to have to sneak upstairs at some point to get a picture of them in a sleepy pile on Fred’s bed.


Bottle-feeding Badger.

And bottle-feeding Skinny Pete.

“What doin’, lady?”

I considered passing this off as being a picture of Combo, but it’s not. It’s Skinny Pete. I don’t have any Combo pictures because my iPhone refuses to focus on him properly (the light in that room is pretty bad), and I need to get in there with my camera, but obviously haven’t yet. I will, though!

I love that Skinny Pete and Badger accepted Combo immediately. Every time I check on them when they’re sleeping, all three of them are almost always piled up together. I mean, not that I expected any dramatics at two weeks of age, but a hiss or two wouldn’t have been out of line.

I need to get a video of the three of them howling – Skinny Pete and Badger have identical high-pitched meows, and then Combo joins in with his husky little pack-a-day meow, and it cracks me UP.


New chair in the corner of my room. How many times have I sat in it? Once. Any other time I want to sit there, Stefan’s sleeping and, well, I’m not a MONSTER.


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9-16-15 Wednesday — 16 Comments

  1. Does Stefan like a lap? If so…the chair could do double duty. (But something tells me we might soon be seeing a pile of cat beds atop it.)

    • Stefan prefers to sit next to the lap rather than on the lap. And you’re right, there’ll be at least one cat bed on that chair, soon!

  2. “and then Combo joins in with his husky little pack-a-day meow”……..I burst out laughing at that one !!!!!! Definitely need video so we can hear that !!!!!!
    Robyn you always put a smile on my face !!! One of the best ways to start the day is to check out Love & Hisses !!!! I’ve said a million times before but I will say it again !!! Thank you Robyn and Fred for all that you do to help out all these amazing kitties and for letting us be a part of it !!!

  3. Aw, you got Stefan a new chair! That was nice of you!
    Love how Calabash is all “Oh, stop it!” in the first feather teaser picture! That or “My nails aren’t dry yet!”
    Edit: Actually, that should read “Oh, Thtop it!” 😀

  4. I love that chair! And it reminds me of when I first got my new armchair and ottoman earlier this year. Holly and Figaro treated them like a kitty trundle bed. 😀

    How are you telling Combo and Skinny Pete apart? The old “nail polish in the ear” trick? Or just by their little meows? (We HAVE to hear Combo’s raspy meow, BTW.)

    • Until tonight, it was by their meows. Now Combo is sporting a small dash of yellow nail polish. When they’re a little older, Combo and Skinny Pete will get collars like the Swimmers have.

  5. Oh, Silly Lady. They don’t call it “fur”niture for nothing. I haven’t reclined on my Lay-z-boy couch in months. Because hello. The boys take over 86% of the surface. See, at least Newt takes over the back section. If that were my guys, they’d lie along the length, with a bit of tail over side for maximum coverage.