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Polo, havin’ a thought.


Polo With Attitude.


Every morning, after morning snack time, Maxi sits by the driveway and waits for me to come out. Then she leads me to the garage and waits for me to let her in. If the day is really nice, I might make her stay outside for the day, but most days I let her do what she wants. So she’ll spend all day in the garage (which has a litter box and a bowl of water – we used to leave a bowl of food for her in there as well, but she doesn’t eat it, so we stopped), then comes out in the evening when Fred goes to fetch her. She likes her routine, that one.


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9-16-14 — 8 Comments

  1. Handsome Polo! The title from 2010 caught my eye, so I looked back at your post 4 years ago… Love that cedar scratching post! My hubby could make one too. I’m wondering how it worked out over time? Hold up to the kitties? Did they use/like it a lot?

    • They used it and liked it a lot, but unfortunately someone decided to target it for spraying on last year (it wasn’t the scratching post itself that was the issue, it was the location, I think), and after cleaning it off a couple of times I got mad and got rid of it. I wish we still had it – and may convince Fred to make me another one, now that the spraying issue has been successfully dealt with. 🙂

      My only gripe was that I had to vacuum up little pieces of cedar from the floor (because they scratched so vigorously), but that was just a tiny annoyance.

    • The lack of other cats, I think – she’s a loner, and doesn’t really like other cats, aside from Newt (and she mostly just puts up with him.)

  2. Polo is so handsome…hopefully some great exposure will find him his forever family.

    So funny that Maxi likes hanging out in the garage. Though to be honest, we have a couple here that would probably enjoy their own space for several hours per day if they could get it. 🙂

  3. Polo is so very charismatic, and I loved reading about Maxi’s routine. That’s a lovely photo of her, too.