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“Is napping time?”

Isn’t he a gorgeous boy?

And he knows it!


It’s guaranteed that when you see Stinkerbelle looking this smug, there’s sure to be a Tommy nearby.

It annoys her so when I interrupt her Tommy Time.

She certainly does love her Tommy.


2013: Getting REALLY flirty.
2012: When Polly jumped down to examine the room more closely, Dandelion wasn’t quite sure if the Stranger Danger Floof was called for, so she just put on her medium suit instead of going Full Suit.
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2010: What cracked me up is that Maxi didn’t even stick her paw through the fence to smack Corby, and he still fell over like she’d made contact.
2009: Obviously the only way to get a decent shot of all six of them, they need to be drugged and very, very sleepy.
2008: The Godfather Catmother
2007: Y’all KNOW I wasn’t going to turn down the chance to bring them home for a few days, so Saturday morning I went and got them.
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9-17-14 — 7 Comments

  1. He is a handsome cat. Very dapper, very debonaire. Is that how you spell it? Lol spell check has nothing.

  2. Now, apologies if you’ve answered this before, but has the cheesecake Polo been introduced to the Gen Pop?


  3. Polo is indeed gorgeous, I must agree!!

    Also – today’s crop of previous entries was GREAT. (e.g., Pretty Polly Pickle!)

  4. I’m so used to seeing Miss Belle from the front, that I completely forget that she’s actually far darker from the back. (or at least has far more color than white) It always surprises me. Any chance you could put pictures of Miss Belle’s back and Alice Mo’s back on here next to each other for comparison? Please and thank you!