9-17-09 – True Blood 6.

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Terry ended up spending the night at the vet’s last night. His surgery took longer than she expected – I know I’ve mentioned he’s got the worst eyes of any of the kittens – and when I showed up at almost 5:30 to pick him up, she was just finishing his surgery. She said that I could hang out and wait for him to be ready to go, or let him spend the night. Since I knew I would be dropping Sookie off this morning for her eye surgery, I opted to leave him there overnight. I figured that being confined to a cage wouldn’t hurt, and I knew he’d be safe and warm.

I can’t wait to see him in a little while!

When I took Hoyt, Lafayette, and Sam to the vet on Monday, she mentioned that Sookie has the most normal eyelids of any of them – it’s not ’til you look closely at her eyes that you see there’s eyelid missing on each eye. Kind of funny that the one with the worst eyes (Terry) and the one with the best eyes (Sookie) are the last two to get their new eyelips.

I got these pictures on Monday, after the kittens got their vaccinations, which made them sleepy for the rest of the day. Obviously the only way to get a decent shot of all six of them, they need to be drugged and very, very sleepy. (I still couldn’t get them to sit in a line, though. Brats!)

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Spanky is our old man – when I moved to Alabama, I brought a (now deceased) cat with me, and Fred had Spot. We went to his sister’s house for Thanksgiving that year, and she had a barn cat who’d given birth a few months prior. They were keeping one of the kittens (or hadn’t found a home for it, I don’t remember which), and I held that kitten the entire time we were there. Then I started harassing Fred for a kitten. I didn’t think he was going to give in, but then one day he came home from work with a tiny squalling kitten. Spanky was so little that he wasn’t eating solid food yet, and he was clearly very hungry, so I had to run to the grocery store to buy baby food and canned food for him. He dove into the baby food like he hadn’t eaten in weeks. The next day I tried to get him to eat solid cat food again, and he wouldn’t hear of it. He happened to stumble across the spot where I’d fed him baby food the night before, and he lost his mind, howling. I gave in – but we did eventually get him to eat solid food, it just took some time.

He turned 13 two days ago. And he still loves the occasional taste of baby food.

(I cannot imagine only having three cats – and I remember how worried Fred was at the time that having “so many” cats would turn us into crazy cat people. HA HA HA. He had nooooo idea what his future held, obviously!)


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  1. I agree – 3 cats sounds like such a small number! Our set point seems to be 6. We lost our 19-year-old a few weeks ago, and one of the other cats has been at the vet for the past 2 days, so we’re down to 4 in the house right now and it just feels far too empty.

  2. Can’t wait to see Terry with his new eyelips. I hope this is the end of surgeries for all of them. Little angels have been through so much in their short lives.
    Have really enjoyed your posts about your ‘permanent residents’. Thanks.

  3. Oh the little ones are so cute, even when sleepy! And I am sure Terry will be very excited to see you – but it is probably good he was there overnight since he was in surgery so late – I bet he would have been very groggy and the other 5 would have kept him up (although it sounds as though they understand that they should not wrestle with whoever just got home). And Spanky is a cutie too! He is about the same age as Kirzon is (we think he was a late September baby).

    And I remember when we had 3 – it wasn’t too long ago, since we have had Virgil (# 4) for just over a year and Barney only since June. We are at our limit for now (if we had a bigger house that would change I am sure) at least that is what I keep telling myself.

  4. Ha, ha, ha, is right! I’m “down” to three Permanent Residents at the moment. Fortunately, with the fosters, it doesn’t feel too wierd yet!

    Spanky is one handsome mancat. Obviously you fattened him up well on the biped baby chow!

    Hugs and scritches for Terry and Sookie! Fingers crossed!

  5. Best of all wishes for Terry and Sookie! It occurred to me as I was reading today’s post that once these kittens have moved on to their happily-ever-afters, you’re not only going to miss them something awful, but you’ll be exhausted! I bet you won’t realize how much this has entailed until it’s behind you. It’s not easy to foster 6 little healthy ones, much less these little special needs fuzzies. You should be so proud what you’ve done for them and their quality of life.

    And your old man Sparky is so very handsome. He doesn’t look elderly at all ~ though perhaps a bit set in his ways. : ) My old man kitty was Sparky, too. He stayed with me until his 18th birthday, this past New Year’s. At the time I had seven, but am now down to five. Another elderly girl passed on recently. And I agree with the others, it doesn’t seem like many at all.

  6. All those sleepy kitties are just so cute. Makes us want to jump in the chair and snuggle with them!

    We hope all went well with both Terry and Sookie!

    Spanky sure is a pretty kitty!!

    There’s “only” 5 of us here and has been for nearly 2 years…even though that seems like a pretty good number, The Mommy keeps thinking a 6th is possible again soon… MOL

    Purrs and hugs,
    The Kitty Krew

  7. Awt! The kitten-pile-up is adorable! They all look so cozy there 🙂

    And LOL at Fred for not knowing what he was getting into. That’s really funny. 😀
    I bet he’d think going back to such a ‘small’ household would be difficult now though 😉