9-18-09 – True Blood 6.

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I showed up at the vet’s office bright and early yesterday morning to drop off Sookie and pick up Terry. When I walked in, the receptionist looked at me and said “Thank god you’re here!”, and a moment later one of the nurses came out, holding Terry in her arms like a baby.

It appears that Mister Mouth had howled and howled and howled at the top of his lungs until they couldn’t stand it anymore, and took him out of his cage to give him love. From the nurse’s arms, Terry gave me the smuggest look.

“TERRY,” I said. “I thought I was your true love! I thought you loved me best, and now you’re laying in her arms like you could just lay there forever!”

And he said “Have we met?”


His eyes look amazing. This will sound silly, but I almost don’t recognize him. I’ve gotten so accustomed to the way his lids were before, kind of jagged, and now to see a smooth eyeline on him is odd – I’ve mistaken him for Sookie more than once since I got him home.

I know he’ll look worse before he looks better, that as his eyelips heal, they’ll get scabby and kind of gross looking. But now I have some idea of what he’ll look like when all is said and done, and I think he’s going to be a real little heartbreaker!

Every afternoon for a while, we pile up on my bed and take a nap. Well, THEY take a nap. I just lay there and watch them sleep, and pet them and listen to them purr. This was yesterday, when Sookie was at the vet’s office, or she’d surely be in there with them. Lafayette’s not in the picture because he was curled up behind my knees. (Thanks, Gertie, for photoshopping out that pesky camera strap!)

I dropped Sookie off in the morning, and at 3:00 (as I was laying on my bed with her brothers, as a matter of fact), the phone rang. The vet’s office was calling to let me know I could come get her. I left immediately to get her, and that little girl howled allllll the way home. Oddly, despite the fact that her eyelids required less work than Terry’s, she actually looks worse than he does.

Don’t they look sore?

She was fine, though, racing around and snuggling up to her brothers, and eating like a horse.

When we’ve hit the two-week mark after surgery for Terry and Sookie, I’ll feel like I can relax a little. Until then, I’ll be casting many a worried look at them, I’m sure!

(I’m keeping my fingers crossed that next week brings zero trips to the vet. I’m ready to NOT make that trip for a little while!)

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This is our sweet boy Newt. When we bought this house three years ago, Maxi showed up one day in our back yard. She was friendly and let us pet her, and had clearly recently had kittens. She showed up occasionally, and we’d feed her. Eventually, when she showed up one day, she had this little buff cat with her – not a kitten, but also not fully grown. We had Maxi and Newt spayed and neutered, and the vet asked if we had any reason to believe that he might not be from one of her previous litters, that she thought he was her son rather than her lovah (we’d been assuming that he was the father of her kittens, who she finally brought to our front porch one day).

Originally, a neighbor was going to keep Maxi and Newt, but they seemed to prefer being at our house. They were never intended to be OUR cats, we were going to feed them and make sure they had vet care when needed, but we weren’t going to let them into the house. We had 7 cats already and didn’t think we needed any more (HA). Fred made them a little house for the front porch where they could keep warm when it got cold, complete with heat lamp and heated pad.

And then one night it was going to be cold and stormy, and Fred insisted that we bring them inside, and they’ve been allowed inside ever since. Maxi still prefers to spend most of her time outside (I think she does not much care for the huge number of cats who’ve taken up residence in our house), but Newt spends more time inside than out. He’s a good boy who’ll find a corner to curl up in, and you never know he’s there unless you stumble across him. He’s very laid-back and willing to play with any of the other cats. All the other cats pretty much seem to like him, and I never see anyone hissing at him, or picking on him.


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  1. Oh wow!! Terry looks great! Katey’s right, they do look like big eyelips. But, once it’s all healed up, he’s going to look fantastic.

  2. Wow, Terry looks pretty good considering! You can tell his eyes seem more open already. And poor Sookie – the only girl and looking worse then her brother. I am sure it just seems that way to us. But they both look good and it is good that the whole group is home and done now (we hope).

    Newt is adorable – it is so good that he is more of an indoor kitty now. Too bad Maxi isn’t in to that.

  3. Oh thank goodness Terry and Sookie’s operations went well and we can all relax a bit (of course we’ll worry right along with you until the 2 week mark) πŸ™‚ I loved the thought of Mister Mouth howling away until he got what he wanted: hugs and attention πŸ™‚

  4. :snicker: Little opportunist is that Terry!
    The eyelips look wonderful all round… now two weeks of hopin’ an’ prayin’!!
    And, OMG, Newt could be Percy’s big bro, couldn’t he??

  5. Katey: His lips look a little rough, but they aren’t bothering him at all. He apparently had no eyelid at all to start from, unlike the other kittens, who had at least a little eyelid to go from, so the surgery was more extensive for him.

    Hyacinths: I have to admit, the fact that he was able to demand love and attention (and get it!) makes me worry a little less about him in the future.

    Katey: Yeah, the vet cut his whiskers so they wouldn’t be in the way when she was operating. She’s done it to all the kittens, it’s just less noticeable on them, I think. He had such long, lush whiskers, I hope they grow back in quickly!

  6. Robyn, I believe Terry simply subscribes to the theory “love the one your with” πŸ™‚ He does look so diffrent with his new eyelips. I thought they would look more nasty but actually they look the cleanest of all.

  7. Well, you left him overnight. I guess he had to get his revenge. πŸ˜‰

    Might be a good thing that he takes to new people quickly, if you’re not going to keep him. It’ll make the adoption easier on him.

  8. I had a cat named Newt when I was a child. His original name was Snappy Tom, then he became the Nappy Newt! Shortened to Newt over time…lovely kitties