9-19-09 – Beulah update!

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Beulah, for those of you who don’t remember her, or weren’t reading this site back when I had she and her brothers and sister, was a tiny little thing when I got her. She was half the size of her siblings – definitely the runt of the litter.

(She’s in the exact middle. You can see how much smaller she is than the others.)

She actually weighed 8 ounces when we got her.

2009-03-24 (9)

2009-04-03 (8)

2009-04-10 (4)

She looked like a little alien, and I loved her SO much. She loved to sit on my knee and judgmentally watch her brothers and sister run around like wild things.

Despite the fact that she was a fraction of their size, she never once hesitated to start up a playfight with her brothers.

2009-03-30 (1)

I fell in love with her, of course, and I thought long and hard about keeping her, but in the end I decided not to. (It should be said that I think long and hard about keeping at least one kitten from each litter that we foster!)

2009-05-21 (3)

She grew, she got a little less alien looking, and then it was time for her to go off to be adopted. She was adopted quickly, and as time passed I’d occasionally think about her, wonder how she was doing and what she looks like these days.

Then a few weeks ago, I was thrilled to get a forwarded email from the shelter manager from the woman who’d adopted her. And there were PICTURES!

Dear Challenger’s House,

I adopted Beulah, who is now named Pumpkin, a few months ago. When I adopted her I was told that Challenger’s House loves to hear updates about their cats.

Pumpkin is doing just fine. She is spoiled rotten and loving it. I have two other cats and two dogs in a small apartment. It took Pumpkin a few weeks to get comfortable around the dogs, but now they all get along just fine. She and my one year old cat Pixie became best buds within a few days of bringing Pumpkin home. Pumpkin has brought out the playfulness in Pixie and they are almost inseparable. Pumpkin also loves her other big sister Praline. Praline is two years old and loves to nap with her new little sister and give her baths. Pumpkin loves to follow her sisters around, and has to copy everything they do.

Pumpkin has grown into a beautiful young cat with gorgeous, big gold eyes. She is still a little small for her age, but she does not look like a little alien anymore and she is already getting a little belly on her. Pumpkin has such a sweet personality. She loves attention and is not afraid to give you a few little bites when she wants it. She still has a very loud motor which she turns on the instant anyone touches her. Every morning she takes a short nap on my chest while I watch the news, and as soon as she lays down on me I have to turn the volume up on the TV so I can hear over her purr. When I get up to get ready she continues nap time with her brothers, Peanut and Pepper (my dogs).

I am so blessed to have Pumpkin as part of my little family and so are her brothers and sisters. Thank you Challenger’s House!


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9-19-09 – Beulah update! — 12 Comments

  1. Oooooh. This is the best! Isn’t she the one Fred called ugly? Well, clearly he was WRONG. She is gorgeous and looks as if she has an amazing home. How lucky you are to get updates. That has to be one of the best things about fostering.

  2. zomg this is mega-squee time. She grew up so cute, and could she BE any more snuggly with all those other P-critters?? So cute. 🙂 This is the best kind of update. 🙂

  3. Oh and PS: anytime I see people who have pets give away their pets when they get a baby, (see the baltimore link) I always think the same thing: “Why don’t you just rehome that baby instead?”

  4. SO happy to see Beulah/Pumpkin thriving and in a wonderful forever home. Lucky, lucky girl!

    Ditto on what last poster said regarding Baltimore link.

  5. YAY! Beulah is actually the picture on my desktop and has been forever. I even put her in my husbands screen saver haha.

  6. Yay for Beulah/Pumpkin! She is one lucky and beautiful girl!

    Robyn, thank you so much for linking to us! We’re keeping our fingers crossed for a good home for Colston and Ashton!

    The family is just devistated to have to make this difficult choice. Alexander has struggled his whole life (4 years) with severe breathing problems, directly attributable to pet dander. Because doctors have not been able to control his attacks with medications, they have been forced to make this decision. Melissa and her whole family, including the children, love these cats very much!

  7. Awww!! Haha, the ears back photo! I have the same affinity for angry kittens that you do. 🙂

    Anyway, I’m so glad she is in such a loving home! She definitely grew up beautiful, though she was always a little cutie!

    Did Bessie get adopted as well? It always breaks my heart when black kitties don’t get love… I’ve got a big sweetheart of a black kitty myself, and he is the most wonderful cat I’ve ever known.

  8. Oh she is such a cutie – thanks for the update.

    Oh, and I am convinced that little gray kittens (at least the girls) all kind of have an alien look to them, because our kitty Lola was the same way. I think it is the grayness or something.