Yesterday afternoon, Maddy had a small bout of diarrhea while she was in her carrier (I leave her in the carrier except when I’m feeding her – and feeding time usually involves about an hour of crawling around exploring, climbing on me, etc. Don’t feel sorry for her – last night I fed her and she explored a little, then turned and went back into her carrier of her own volition. I GUESS SHE TOLD ME. She likes it in the carrier, though I think we’re about to the stage where I need to get out the cage I had for Sugarbutt when he was a poopin’ machin. I don’t think she’s ready to be let out into the room to wander around – I think it might scare her – but she does need a little more room.

Anyway. What was I saying? Oh, right. So Maddy had a bout of diarrhea in her carrier yesterday afternoon, and one of the things she had diarrhea on was the little pink stuffed pig that Susan, the shelter manager, gave me. Kittens like to snuggle up to things, and if there are no Mommas or siblings to snuggle up with, a stuffed animal will do in a pinch. And Maddy really likes to snuggle up to the pink pig.

So I cleaned Maddy up – surprisingly, she does NOT like to have a bath. It took me back to when I had to give Sugarbutt daily (sometimes twice-daily) baths and how he always shrieked like I was killing him. I cleaned up the carrier and put Maddy back in there, then went upstairs to put the soiled linens and stuffed animal in the washer.

“Do you have a small, kinda floppy stuffed animal you’re not too fond of?” I asked the spud. “One I could use for Maddy just ’til I get another stuffed animal?” She went off to her room to look while I went into the laundry room. A moment later she came in.

“I have these,” she said. I looked at what she had, and picked out a small stuffed monkey.

“I’ll give it back to you in a day or so,” I said.

“It doesn’t matter,” she said. “That’s the monkey (ex-boyfriend) gave me. She can poop all over it if she wants.”


Like mother, like daughter.

And Maddy seems to love that stuffed monkey. Last night she was burrowed underneath it, then I looked again and she was flopped across the top of it, and this morning she was SPOONING with it. I wish I could have gotten a picture, but she heard me and got all excited and ran to the door of the carrier, so no picture of it, at least today.

Someone asked if two feedings a day is enough for Maddy. She actually gets four a day, but Saturday she only got three (the last one around 10) because we were out all afternoon long, which we hadn’t intended to be. That won’t be happening again, because we can’t let the baby be sitting home, hungry!

Also, someone mentioned that I could clip Maddy’s claws. I know I could, and I know how to do it, it’s just getting around to the actual doing it that doesn’t seem to happen. Besides, what would I complain about?

Milk face.

I adore this picture.

“Hewwo. I am Miss Maddy Mack. Welcome to my cat carrier. It’s small but cozy, and there’s a stuffed monkey for cuddling. I’m growing (I weigh 13 ounces now!), and it’s time to move on to a bigger house. I want to sell my carrier, but I need the help of professionals. Welcome to the newest episode of Sell This House!”



Mister Boogers hates you.


2005: I have a feeling that bleach is going to be my best friend for the foreseeable future.

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