9-20-09 – True Blood 6.

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It’s a crazy weekend – eyelips are popping off all over the place!

Okay, maybe not “popping” off, but a total of three eyelips have peeled off. Friday evening I noticed that Bill’s right eyelip was dangling by a thread, but it wasn’t impairing his vision any, so I left it. And not an hour after I noticed the dangling eyelip, Bill was jumping up onto the chair in the kitten room, and his eyelip just fell to the ground.

It’s probably a good thing I witnessed the loss of the eyelip, because when I picked it up to look it over (yeah, like YOU wouldn’t have!), it looked an awful lot like a dead insect. What was left where the eyelip had been was rather red and raw looking, but I smeared it with ointment and it’s gotten better looking in the time since.

But Bill wasn’t done, oh no – apparently he’s a skilled eyelip loser, because Saturday afternoon he was running around with his LEFT eyelip hanging down in front of his eye. I grabbed him and looked closely, and when I found that it was hanging from a stitch, I called Fred up to hold him while I carefully clipped the stitch. That side was a little more bloody looking and raw than the right side had been, but I smeared it with ointment as well, and this morning he looks really pretty good.

(I’ll try to get a closeup shot of his face later today.)

But Bill wasn’t alone – right after we snipped Bill’s left eyelip, Hoyt came wandering along with HIS right eyelip dangling down. I left it alone for a few hours, but after a while it was bugging me, and it was also just hanging by a stitch, so I clipped THAT eyelip off as well, and did the ointment-smearing.

I think it’s funny that, a week after Sam lost his right eyelip, he still hasn’t lost his left. But Bill apparently decided that it was time for his eyelips to GO, and ::SPROINGGGG!:: off they went!

I think that the vet is actually out of the office this week, but I’ll call and check tomorrow morning. If she’s around, I’ll see about getting Hoyt and Bill to her so she can look them over, but if not, I honestly don’t think there’s anything she’d do anyway but look them over and say they look fine.

Because they do look fine!

Our boys Jake and Elwood have been DYING to get in and play with the kittens. Every time I go up and spend time with the True Bloods, Jake and Elwood hang out by the temporary door and look sad, like “We would like to play with the kittens toooooo!”

Finally, I let them in to see how they’d act around the kittens and how the kittens would act around them. Would there be hissing and smacking and growling? Would I have to save the kittens from Jake and Elwood’s boisterous ways?

Not so much. First of all, the True Bloods are just the teeniest bit smaller than Jake and Elwood, and MORE than capable of holding their own. Second, Jake and Elwood are far more interested in eating the Science Diet Kitten food that we give the True Bloods, and playing with their toys, than fighting with the kittens.

It’s actually the True Bloods who jump on J & E, and bite their backs, and rear up and wave their paws in the air.

Honestly, if the True Bloods hadn’t been recovering from eye surgery all this time, I would have long ago let them out into the rest of the house. I’ll likely start letting them roam later this week, and I don’t expect there to be any problems.

Elwood, in the top of the cat tower. Sam, trying to figure out how to get to him.

Hoyt: “Wahhhhh! I’m all alone in this big cat bed and no one will snuggle with me!”

Hoyt: “Wahhhhh! There are too many cats in this cat bed and I’m getting squished over to the siiiiide!”



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  1. Loved Elwood nibbling on Sam’s toes! Great shots! What a weekend, Robyn! Whew! Yay for “freedom” right around the corner. Hopefully that’ll make it easier on you, too!

  2. Are you saving all the discarded eyelips for your voodoo kitten doll?

    Love that J&E get to play with the babies. Good times are going to be had!!

  3. Oh dear, the description of the peeling eyelips had my stomach jump up and down! I admire your guts and nursing skills!!

    Fortunately the gooey-cute pictures of Hoyt have put my stomach back in the right place… my gawd, this boy is a heart-breaker… if only I lived closer! *sigh*

    PS: I kept a couple of baby teeth found on the couch way back my brood was still small… and I still play with old claws… so I would TOTALLY have looked at the eyelips haha

  4. Oh they are all so adorable!!

    But oh boy, the eyelips popping off – I guess since this isn’t the first time it happened it is ok but still, my first thought was “oh that had to be a bit icky”. But it is good that they are getting better and great that they got to meet the others!