9-18-08 Crooked Acres

Sights from around Crooked Acres.

I know this picture is horribly grainy, but I took it as proof that the hummingbirds are still moving through. I need a pet hummingbird. They kill me with the cute.

Nothin’ happier than a chicken taking a dust bath.

This young rooster is gorgeous. He’s not acting at all like a rooster, though – not trying to crow, not trying to get him some lovin’. We’re not sure what’s going on with him.

Rock star. Have I mentioned I think she’s one of our prettiest chickens?

This baby’s not a baby anymore!

Gathering ’round the water bowl.

We call this rooster “No-tail” for obvious reasons. He was keeping an eye on some of the dust-bathing women when he froze and looked skyward. I expected to see a hawk circling in the sky, but saw nothing at all.

“I has no tail.”

I think No-tail is awfully pretty. I especially like his black “eyebrows.”

Michele would like everyone to know that up in these here parts, he is now the man. You will note just how impressed the wimminfolk are.

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Brudderly love lives on.

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