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With an eye toward eventually letting the Weeds girls out into Gen Pop, I decided to let a Pickle in to visit with them, and see how it went. Since Polly was hanging around outside the foster room when I made this decision, I picked her up and took her into the room with me.

Dandelion was all “Oooh, who’s THAT? She’s FABulous!”

Polly and Dandelion sniffed each other.

And Polly was all “Huh. She doesn’t seem familiar!”

When Polly jumped down to examine the room more closely, Dandelion wasn’t quite sure if the Stranger Danger Floof was called for, so she just put on her medium suit instead of going Full Suit.

She watched Polly sniff the food.

And then she approached her again for another sniff.

And then Polly said “Dude, could you sniff a little less vigorously? You’re making me nervous.”

Dandelion backed off, but kept on following.

Purslane said “I don’t… THINK I know her. Do I?”

Then Purslane said “What you want? I’m busy playing!” and Thistle said “WHAT’S GOING ON OVER HERE.”

Purslane went up to examine the wall basket, and Polly watched with interest. Purslane said “WHAT? Geez, strange kitty, take a picture, it’ll last longer!”

“That’s right, I was in MY wall basket, now I’m on MY wall shelf. You got a problem with that?”

“No room up here for strangers.”

“NO ROOM UP HERE FOR SISTERS, EITHER.” (Notice Polly, hiding under the scratcher.)

Polly pulled out a half-hearted Paw o’ Doom, but didn’t actually unleash it.

Then Polly tried out the wall-mouse-scratcher-toy-thingy, whilst standing in the giant Croc bed.

And batted at its tail.

So all in all, the visit went fine. She was in there for about 20 minutes – I supervised – and there was only one hiss the entire time. Dandelion couldn’t quite figure out whether the Stranger Danger Floof suit was called for or not, but she was definitely interested in Polly.

Over the weekend, we let the Weeds out for some supervised play time, and it was pretty relaxed. No hissing or growling on anyone’s part. Dandelion would do the Halloween-cat arch and floof up slightly when she saw another cat (ANY other cat – even if it was one of her sisters.) We’ll continue with the supervised play time for the time being. Though I’m certain that the girls will end up ultimately FIV negative, and it takes a pretty deep puncture wound to transfer FIV, kittens can get pretty mean when they’re playing (Tony Rocky Magoo, I am LOOKING at you), and I would hate to have them turn up positive when all is said and done, and to have passed it to the Pickles. I don’t think it would happen, but it’s certainly better to be safe than sorry.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Abuse of Power.

Look at Corbie there, not EVEN looking at the Sheriff. He’s minding his own bidness.

Sheriff Mama’s all “I don’t like the looks o’ you. ::smack:smack:smackity:smack::”

Corbie says “What did I do, Sheriff?!”
Kara’s all “I don’t know yet, but I’M SURE I’LL FIND SOMETHING YOU DONE WRONG, SON.”

Sheriff Mama took a breather before looking for her next victim. Uh, POTENTIAL CRIMINAL, I mean.


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9-17-12 — 37 Comments

  1. I love this: “Dandelion wasn’t quite sure if the Stranger Danger Floof was called for, so she just put on her medium suit instead of going Full Suit.” Also, the batting paw.

  2. Looking at the second to last picture of Sheriff Mama, all I can hear is “You will respect my authori-TIE!!!” :0

    Dandelion looks almost translucent in her semi-floofed pictures…you do want to blow on her and see if she’ll float away!

  3. Polly and Dandelion, that’s a lot of princess for one room. Half expected a diva battle, complete with hair pulling and “oh no you didnd beeyotch!!”

    mama sherfiff is kind of a bully, poor Corbie was just sitting there!

  4. A Kara post! YAY!! Does she do that with everyone? I thought she would just break down fights, not start them.

    • You just never know when she’s gonna strike – she doesn’t do it often, and she doesn’t usually target Corbie (she and Elwood have a bit of a love-hate relationship. Or maybe more of a like-hate relationship), but something about his face must have bugged her that day!

  5. Love the Dandelion!! What floof. Polly does appear to have gained some stalkers. 🙂

    Poor Corbs. 🙂 And you may have answered this before, but what is the Sheriff wearing around her neck?

    • She does have an awesome Stranger Danger suit, doesn’t she? Although that’s not all of it, you can get a guess of what the whole thing will look like.

    • That’s a collar that goes to the electric fence around the back yard. If she gets too close to the fence, the collar beeps a warning, and if she keeps going, it zaps her. We usually find out that the battery needs to be replaced by seeing her outside the fence! (Luckily when her battery is low and she does escape, she never goes far!)

  6. Kara might be looking into Corbie stealing her meals…I remember when she was round and he was lean…now she is thin and he’s looking a lot more substantial.

  7. How old are the Weeds now? My Adams kittens just reached 8 weeks old. They’re smaller because they’re the equivalent of preemies (being 5 of 13 in the litter), but as they’re getting healthy I’m considering releasing them into gen pop… at least during the day. I may move them to the family room in a couple more days. There’s just the cords to the television and video games to consider (but since my kids DO spend too much time in front of that screen…) 😉

    I need to get Mother Jefferson out of the bathroom. I feel terrible for her (and prefer that my kids can move back in). She’s getting sick and I think she would do better in the foster room… larger space with the ability to go vertical, windows to look out, more interaction possibilities. Plus there’s an added benefit that she may decide to keep the kittens somewhere that’s NOT right next to the litter box. Ew.

    • Most likely not doing gen pop, but changing their location is a probability. I need to keep all populations separated until everyone is 100% healthy.

    • They’re 9 weeks old – 2 months as of yesterday! I generally prefer to wait ’til the kittens hit 2 pounds before I throw the door open – not for any particular reason, that just seems like a good point to aim for – but they were DYING to get out of that room, so I gave in since they’re doing so well. I don’t blame you for wanting to get Mother Jefferson (that name makes me giggle every time!) into bigger accommodations. We’ve kept the occasional cat in the bathroom, and I always feel guilty (which is silly, because it’s not TINY, there’s plenty of room for one or two cats!) and try to get them out of there.

  8. I think whichever Blue that is in the background (Jake?) must have tipped Sheriff Mama off to Corbie’s presumed shenanigans. See how he gets out of the picture pretty quickly after the encounter?

    • That’s Elwood. He and Kara get into it pretty often, but he knows when to get out of the way and let someone else take the brunt of her displeasure! 🙂

  9. I am sorry…. but with Dandelion’s pre-floofed dandelion fluff kind of fur.. how in the WORLD do you know she had half a stranger danger suit on??? She ALWAYS looks that way! Girlfriend has more sticky up hair then a preteen with a can of mousse…

    Is that my fav Jake photobombing Sheriff Momma and the unsuspecting Corbes?

  10. The size difference between Polly and the Weeds is remarkable! So is Dandelion’s floof!

    Didja notice that the entry for this date 2010 was of Maxi hauling away on Corbie, with his doing a preemptive fall over?
    He is gorgeous, but knows to make way for the ladies!

  11. Polly is so, so pretty!!! Just look at that face as she’s looking up at Purslane on the shelf (and pondering using her paw o’ doom). And I LOVE the shots of her in the giant pink Croc bed, interacting with the mouse 🙂

    And the little Weeds girls are too cute!! Squee times three!!!

  12. I watch way too many correctional facility programs on cable. I saw Gen Pop and thought of Ad Seg (administrative segregation for trouble makers) and SHU (segregated housing unit for those who need protection etc) lol

    • Sometimes when I’m trying to eat lunch and the Pickles are all trying to steal food off my plate, I put them in the guest bedroom and shut the door. That’s totally Ad Seg! 🙂