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Update on the kitten formerly known as Arya!

Okay, Arya officially has a new name! (Drumroll please)…Daisy! We went through a lot of names (my husband had a lot I immediately rejected), then I just spurted this one out and we both liked it. For some reason I can just see her with a costume with daisy petals around her head. I will have to look into that, Halloween is just around the corner.

She is still such a sweetie. Her and Buddy finally played some today. He can get a little rough, as he has never been able to play with another cat before, but she knows how to hide or run away well.

Oh, I just love seeing that sweet girl again. And I think Daisy is the perfect name for her sweet self! It’s too bad she’s so unable to relax in her new home, isn’t it? πŸ˜‰

Thanks for the update and pictures, Kathy!

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I have a couple more pictures of Jon Snow and Brandon to share, and of course Norbie pics (and then I believe I’ve got a couple more Jon Snow pictures for tomorrow. What? He was here for an entire day longer than Brandon and Hodor!)

Norbie has adapted really well to being the only kitten in residence for the moment. When he wants to play, he’s happy enough to play by himself, but he’s been getting buddy-buddy with Jake, too. And then there’s Stefan, who’s always happy to engage in some play fighting. At night he paces around on the bed a little before he settles down, and then I’m not sure if he gets up and plays during the night or just stays with me, because whatever he does, it doesn’t wake me up (which I am grateful for!)

Bath time for Norbie.

I put a harness on Norbie, and he skulked around like he knew there was something not quite right, but he couldn’t figure out WHAT was different. It took him about 10 minutes to adapt to it, and then he didn’t even seem to notice it was there.

Jon Snow, getting flirty with Stefan.

Getting REALLY flirty.

Getting a little forward, and making a slow approach with the Paw of Doom.



“Wahhhhh! I’m the BAYBEE, and this big kitty is PICKING ON ME!”

“Did I mention that WAHHHHH, I’m the BABYEE?!”

Stefan, considering his next move (which was to run off, because he had places to be!)

Jumpin’ kitties (and Sugarbutt, coming in to see what the ruckus was about).

Brandon looks like he’s doing some mid-air Irish dancing.

Pretty boy.

And pretty Brandon!

I was actually walking around the house dusting with a Swiffer duster, and the kittens were following me around, absolutely obsessed with it. That’s what they were jumping for. Look, if they’d wanted to dust so badly, they were welcome to it!

Oh, how I love his striped tail.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

When Jake isn’t busy bathing the kittens, he makes sure to keep his own furs sparkling clean.


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9-17-13 — 29 Comments

  1. It’s a beautiful thing when one of ‘your babies’ moves on and you get to see how happy they are in their new home.

  2. Is that a screened porch Daisy is checking out? I had one in my old house and it is the best! thing! ever! for kitties.

    Slightly off topic, not too long ago one of the commenters here referenced a blog post she had written about kittens and fibromyalgia and movement. (I hope someone remembers this or I am going to sound like an idiot!) Anyway, I was hoping to get a link to it because I can’t find it and I have a friend who would like to read it.

      • Thanks!

        A screened porch is awesome for humans and kitties alike. Mine was in back, off the kitchen, so I just removed the screen from the storm/screen door there in the summer and the kitties could come and go from the porch as they chose. Since you don’t live in the frozen north, you could probably use it year-round.

  3. I just noticed that Stefan isn’t included on the ‘Permanent Residents’ page.

    He seems pretty darn permanent to me. How about a bio?

  4. So glad to see Daisy settling in. I love that high cat bed with the hood. Also notice how close it is to the table. I guess some of us get peeled grapes while we recline on our couch.

    Seriously, something needs to happen on the Norbie situation before you all (and we) get too invested. Now he and Jake look more like brothers than nephew-uncle.

    BTW, whats with the harness? Are you taking Norbert for walksies?

    • I wanted to see what he’d do if I put it on him (and then we laughed at him skulking around, because we’re evil like that!)

      • I put one on Jack the other day. He used to wear one as a kitten quite regularly because I took him everywhere with me. But as he got older and I had less time to travel with him, we fell out of the habit. Recently he started hanging out at the doors, so I put it on him and we went outside. He IMMEDIATELY wanted back in.. When I wouldn’t let him, the smart boy left the front porch, ran into the garage and begged at the garage door.. so I let him in..

        I haven’t seen him hang by a door since.

  5. I sure hope we get updates on Brandon and Hodor too!!! It is so amazing that all three were adopted in one day!!
    Awesome! Were the boys adopted by a regular reader?

    • I don’t believe so – I haven’t heard anything from them, and they didn’t mention anything to Susan, so I’m guessing not.

  6. I’m betting the harness training is because Norbie will be heading home on an airplane. (OK, the bookie wouldn’t make too much off me.) Taking a cat out of the carrier, as is required to get through security, is much safer if there’s a harness in play. (Take it from someone who’s done so twice without using one — and who didn’t know before the first instance that she would ever have to take her difficult, quirky, skittish girl out of the bag…) Lovely to see young Daisy, hoping for a Brandon/Hodor update, and loving Jake in kitty cleanliness mode.

  7. I love the name Daisy. I’m glad to see your fosters all got adopted! Like I’ve said before, you and Fred are racking up the karma points for all you do for the little kittehs. πŸ˜€

  8. We weren’t sure we’d like the name Daisy at first but after seeing her in her new home, the name Daisy fits perfectly! She is going to grow into the most beautiful Daisy ever.

  9. Awww, beautiful Daisy! Thanks for the update. She looks like she owns the place already!

    And that Stefan is seriously the best Foster Uncle – though Jake is pretty awesome too!