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Throw Back Thursday: Buster.

Someone asked about Buster last week, and I thought that he’d be a good topic for this week’s Throw Back Thursday. I unfortunately don’t have an update about him (wish I did!), but thought y’all might enjoy seeing his story and his sweet face anyway.

In March of 2010, we had Maura with us, and were waiting for her to give birth. (The joke was on us, though – she wasn’t pregnant!) Fred called from work to tell me that someone in a nearby office had called to tell him that there were kittens in the flower bed outside their building. This was the same location (and the same mother cat) that the Wonkas had come from, the previous October. Attempts to trap her had failed, and she’d had another litter.

Fred brought those kittens home with him, four little boy kittens, around a month old. (We were able to trap the mother cat the next day, and she was so sick that we had her euthanised.) We named them after characters from books that we liked, and called the litter The Bookworms.

We named this one Bolitar (he didn’t become Buster until much later.)

He was SO clearly a Buster.

Bolitar (center) with his brothers. That little brown tabby in the very front? That’s Corbett. You might know him as Corbie. Reacher’s the gray one on the right, and Rhyme is the brown tabby at the very back.

They were a great bunch of kittens, a little hissy at first, but they got over that pretty quickly. Like the Wonkas before them, they all tested positive for FIV. (And just like the Wonkas, they all converted to negative.)

Clearly I really liked to get pictures of all four of them together!

I liked this picture so much that I put it on my debit card.

Buster and the amazing ears.


Silly boy.

Always a helper.

Gorgeous boy.

In November someone saw Buster’s picture in the book at Petsmart, and fell in love with him; I took him to Petsmart for her to meet, and she ended up adopting him. Eventually Reacher, Rhyme, and Corbie went to Petsmart, but Reacher and Corbie freaked out so badly (Reacher hid in the litter box constantly, and Corbie stopped eating) that they all came back here for a while. Eventually, Rhyme went to Petsmart and was adopted. I had accepted that we were going to end up keeping Reacher and Corbie both, but then Kathy (who had adopted Maura in the spring; sadly, Maura passed away in July) ended up adopting Reacher.

We did keep Corbie, as y’all know.

Ten months later, the woman who had adopted Buster returned him (read the post here), and I was SO THRILLED to have my Buster back, that I declared he was going to stay with us for good.

I loved that boy like you wouldn’t believe, but unfortunately we were having a real issue with him being aggressive toward the other cats. Especially Spanky, who was an old guy, and after much angst and sadness, we decided to give him up. You can read the post about that here.

Buster was at Petsmart for two months, and I was SO SURE he was just never going to get adopted that it was killing me… and then on Christmas Eve, we was adopted! He went home with a 13 year-old girl, and as far as I know it was a good fit. I’ve never gotten an update about him, but hope that one day I will.

And that’s the story of Buster!


I had a piece of paper upon which I’d written down cats and kittens y’all requested for Throw Back Thursdays. I’ve misplaced that piece of paper (the cat ate it!), so if there’s someone you remember fondly and would like to see a post about them one Thursday, leave a comment and let me know.


Look at this! It’s been two weeks since Orlando was adopted by Teresa and her family, and already this is happening…

Oh, those ears.

Hanging out with his big sister Pickles on the cat tree.

Hanging with Rosie – and their string.

Don’t you just love seeing how at home and relaxed that boy is? LOVE. IT!



Uh ohhhh. I don’t know what you did, but Sheriff Mama isn’t happy about it!


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9-18-14 – TBT — 13 Comments

  1. I am sooo happy for Orlando! He sure has cute siblings!!!
    Dear Buster’s family….if you can read this…please send an update!!!!

  2. Even though I might have his entries half-memorized, I would love a Rufus TBT. And hooray for Orlando. That boy looks so eminently happy in his excellent home. Thanks for the regular updates.

  3. I love ALL the kittens you’ve had pass through but my favorite (yeah I know there aren’t supposed to be favorites) litter was the award winners. Newberry was here when I first joined (and ya know how it is with your first). You DID update one of his litter mates recently though(Logie). And of course there is always the welcome Stompers update. OR you could get some NEW kittens for us to fawn over. Either way. Oh, and I miss the pigs too.

  4. Oh man, that was one cute litter! Look at how tiny Corbie was!

    I second a Stompers update, and any of the Weeds girls.

    • Yes! I often wonder what became of my beautiful Purslane. She was so smoochable and I bet she grew into one seriously gorgeous girl.

  5. It’s so great to see Orlando living it up in his new home… and with a dog, no less! I’m always tickled pink when I see dogs and cats getting along.

    It also makes me smile when Sheriff Mama takes her job so seriously. She is the cutest law enforcement officer I’ve ever seen in my entire life.

  6. Buster! when my previous cat passed away in 2011 I deliberately looked for a smudge-nose tabby just like Buster. I am now owned by Nick who could be Buster’s evil-ler twin. Every morning I see a version of the “gorgeous boy” photo, right before Nick head-butts my left eye.

  7. Loved the Buster story. I would really love to hear how he is doing. The picture of the pond trench was scary then and is still scary now. Now though I imagine catfish hollows at the top of the trench.