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I’m so used to seeing Miss Belle from the front, that I completely forget that she’s actually far darker from the back. (or at least has far more color than white) It always surprises me. Any chance you could put pictures of Miss Belle’s back and Alice Mo’s back on here next to each other for comparison? Please and thank you!

I’ll try to get better pictures in the future, but here’s Alice as a wee tyke, and Stinkerbelle from the side. It gives you some idea for now, at least.


Now, apologies if you’ve answered this before, but has the cheesecake Polo been introduced to the Gen Pop?

Polo was not introduced to Gen Pop (he’s on a restricted diet), but Dennis was insistent on going upstairs in the evening with Fred (it’s part of their routine – Fred goes upstairs, gets ready for bed, then reads for a while, and Dennis keeps him company), so he got to meet Polo. Polo was pretty hissy the first few times he met Dennis, but then he calmed down for the most part, and ignored him. He’s more of a people’s cat than a cat’s cat, I’d say.


I just had to share this with you it was amusing to watch!

YouTube link.

That is so cool! I need some of those Robo Fish, obviously. 🙂


I’m curious. What is it about the garage that [Maxi] likes so much?

The lack of other cats, I think – she’s a loner, and doesn’t really like other cats, aside from Newt (and she mostly just puts up with him rather than actually liking him.)


The title from 2010 caught my eye, so I looked back at your post 4 years ago… Love that cedar scratching post! My hubby could make one too. I’m wondering how it worked out over time? Hold up to the kitties? Did they use/like it a lot?

They used it and liked it a lot, but unfortunately someone decided to target it for spraying on last year (it wasn’t the scratching post itself that was the issue, it was the location, I think), and after cleaning it off a couple of times I got mad and got rid of it. I wish we still had it – and may convince Fred to make me another one, now that the spraying issue has been successfully dealt with.

My only gripe was that I had to vacuum up little pieces of cedar from the floor (because they scratched so vigorously), but that was just a tiny annoyance.


if a box is opened but totally filled-up with stuff, will cats jump into box (and be annoyed) ?

No! They’ll just curl up on top of the stuff and go to sleep, of course.


A favorite of mine, found several years ago on the internet, was “how to catch a cat.” I can’t find it now, but it was a photo of a driveway with empty boxes randomly placed and then a photo of the boxes filled with cats

Is it this one?


Smilin’ Joe,
the tuxie-doe

Says “tune in tomorrow for a special George and Gracie (dog treat review) post, yo.”


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9-19-14 — 15 Comments

  1. OMG, now I totally have Red Dwarf running through my brain! I can’t find the clip on youtube, but in the first season, Lister has two robot goldfish (Lennon and McCartney), and Cat (that’s an evolved-to-humanoid cat, for those who don’t know the show) keeps trying to eat them in this one episode.

  2. Further Update on my mom’s cat (the one with the tongue hanging out): Luckily it was nothing too serious. It turns out she was in need of dental work. So she had some teeth pulled yesterday and is doing fine.

  3. Hi Robyn. Since you don’t have enough to do running that Crooked Acres joint and all, I was wondering if you could create a chart on how each of the perms interacts with you and Fred.

    Y’know, who likes the pettins, who does/not like being picked up or climbs into laps, who has particular preferences (e.g., “don’t touch my ears!”) and whether any are friendly to strangers.

    You could whip that up in no time, no?

  4. 1) I think that’s the “result” photo of how to catch a cat

    2) Love the Robo Fish! We’ll have to pass on that toy, though, because Bruiser is pals with our betta, Bruce, and I don’t want to give her any ideas. Believe it or not, he comes up to greet her when she looks into the bowl. (sorry for another Bruiser post)

  5. Arghhh! Why didn’t I watch the video before I went to lunch? I just stopped at CVS. Now I must make another trip because I have to buy a Robo Fish for Jinx and Trixie – the two who love to hang out in the sink! 😀

  6. Google “how to catch a cat” and click images. I think that is the picture someone was looking for.